Love, What is it?

In looking at my Questions of the Day page, I found over 30 questions I
thought applied to this article.

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Emotions and Aesthetics

Thousands of emotional and aesthetic songs have been sung about love.

As many or more movies and poems have been dedicated to the subject of

Yet still many, both men and women, struggle with the concept. Often they

I recall myself as I grew, falling in and out of love. My children had raging
rapids of love and no love.

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Why this Article

I extended a offer to write about any subject and a Poetess friend suggested
several things. Most I have already written about but not love.

It is a subject with about as many opinions as there are people.

But why isn't there a common definition, a common action which if used,

My Credentials

What gives me the authority to write about love?  

I'd answer that with, why do I need authority to write what I see to help
others? I need no authority nor trumped up degree to explain life.

A few days ago, I was at my favorite coffee shop. Less than two feet away at
the adjacent table, I over heard one young single man giving dating advice
to another single man.

It was comical but I didn't interrupt. The opinion of how things might go were
like hypnotic commands to have the relationship fail. That was the advice
giver's prediction. So much for friends and their advice!

It was like the #psych, who writes books on advice on how to raise children,
when he has no experience. No children near him. Why he doesn't even like

Though to give him credit, I'm sure he read an earlier book written the same
way. An earlier book read with no experience to back it's educated words of
pretended wisdom.

I married my children's mom, LaVonne, and together we raised five
wonderful children. We were together 33 years. I remarried after soon after
LaVonne passed away. I've been very happily married since September

Keeping two consecutive marriages running very well for forty years requires
some expertise.  And besides that, I'm a poet!

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Good? Bad?

Types of Love?

No, there are no types of love. However, there is the hormonal attraction to
keep the species growing. That alone will move mountains.

Having a warm relationship, that we will call love, normally has sex involved.
But sex is not love.

I observed our two dogs outside one day. They were constant close
companions. When he would sit, she would sit close to him, very often half
on top of him. They were visibly close. That desire to be close is similar to
what love is.

I don't know if dogs “love” or not. Together, they did have a litter of puppies.

Love and Humans

In many respects, the above example is pretty good.

One thing that is required for love is the willingness to be close, to share
space together.

Another thing that is required, if the love is to last past the first date, is

Love without communication isn't love at all. Perhaps you can have sex with
little communication but no relationship will endure without communication.

How to Create Love.

Love just doesn't spring into existence. Sexual urges/lust may spring into
existence. Attractive young bodies can spark and ignite fire almost instantly.

You probably will never "find" love.

Love must be created. You may have a sexual encounter and be totally
happy with your partner. But if you do not create beyond sex, the
relationship will fail.

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The love of the moment will fade with the passing of time. I suspect the
Hollywood stars have scorching hot relationships based on sex alone. Then
it fades to “my people” will talk to “your people.” The relationship ends with
the lack of communication.

Love Defined

The trick of love is not trick at all. Love is high toned communication. Lots of
it. The difference between good friends and a person you love is the amount
and quality of communication. Sex is communication. It is saying I admire

Love is admiration, wanting to be the same as, sharing space with lots of

Bad new, criticism will destroy the beginnings of love. Nagging and criticism
will wreck a marriage.

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Final Element

For a love to last, you need to decide it will last. You will need to create it
and continue creating it.

For this to be successful, you need to have the agreement of your partner.

Do they want a lasting relationship? If not and you do, move on before you
get in too deep.

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When I met my current wife, very early on, I asked her if we were going to be
a couple. She said yes and together we have worked to keep that creation

About four months after our agreement, we made it official and married. Best
bit of negotiating I’ve done lately. I have a fantastic wife.

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  1. Is the machine something that runs on automatic to some degree?
  2. Do you control love, or is it on automatic?
  3. If you created love, would that be under your control and not automatic?
  4. Is the idea of "finding love" under your control?
  5. How times have you been in love?
  6. How did you handle your lost love?
  7. Speaking of your last failed relationship, was it ever really handles?
  8. If I say failed or lost love, does something immediately come to mind, is
    that handled?
  9. What is the first thing to do, to ensure a relationship will last?
  10. Can you accurately define love?
  11. If you don't know what love is, how could you create it?
  12. If you cannot define love, how are you know if you "find it"?
  13. If I wrote an article about love, do you think you might be interested?
  14. Do humans confuse their body with themselves?
  15. When someone is in love, is it the body that's it love or is the being?
  16. Regarding the subject of love, how do you be at cause over love?
  17. Can you actually give me a workable definition of the word love?
  18. In a relationship, how do you tell the difference between love and
    sexual attraction?
  19. Once you have love, do you know how to keep it alive and well?
  20. Do you find love or do you create love?
  21. Does love soften things up and hate thicken it up make it solid and
  22. Can you feel the emotion of someone you love when they are angry?
  23. Can you create ridicule, resentment etc. and how about affinity,
  24. When you really understand someone, how does this affect affinity
  25. Can negative affinity exist, anger?
  26. Could affinity encourage me to give you my attention?
  27. How do you create affinity for another person?
  28. Can you recall someone you kissed, did you want to talk, touch?
  29. Can you recall someone who pushed you, did you feel affectionate?
  30. Have you ever really observed your spouse (lover), studied her/him?
  31. How does your spouse (lover), better half, look when you’re talking to
  32. If your spouse (lover) will not listen to you, what can you do?
  33. Should you continue to point out faults in your spouse (lover), anyone?
  34. If your spouse (lover) points out your faults, does that make it okay for
    you to do?
  35. Do you understand your spouse (lover), yourself?
  36. Over the eons, how many spouses (lovers) have you had?
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