Is a distinguished Serbian poet, prose writer, essayist and critic,  the editor-in-chief of the prominent publishing
house “Mali Nemo” (Little Nemo), and its two magazines.

His is an active educator and guest lecturer in the European cultural centers, translated into numerous world
languages, awarded with prestigious awards.

With a B.A. and M.A. in Philosophy, he is presently working on his Ph. D.

He lives and works in Belgrade Serbia.

Among many international reviewers of his work is the University of Oklahoma’s notable magazine World
Literature Today.

These are a few of his translated works starting with:

The Keeper of the Fire: The Damn Beautiful Trade of Writing
Keepers of the Fire: Publish or Perish
Birthday poems: A Simple Poem of an Eleven-Year Old Boy
A Birthday Poem: On the New Beginning
Birthday Poem: On the Lack of Time
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