Milan Orlich

Cyclus: The Eternity and One More Day


A butterfly, hardly noticeable, perhaps fluttered with

its tiny wings:

one world has withered away, perhaps, who knows

where, at the end of

a cosmos. One swallow, look! perhaps have flown over

a small city square,

just above a dreamy glance  of a boy, in whose eye:

for a second possibly

flickered a reflection of that flight: a world of that

cosmos: the swallow’s

tail, while it flew right over

the hushed ticking of

his heart, and it

resonated, perhaps, in a cosmos somewhere. All

I am telling now

could have observed a little girl playing hopscotch,

perhaps at the same

square: down her cheek silently rolled a tear, perhaps,

while she observed

the boy. From her balcony, most likely, from her

fleeting look,

that swallow has started, before the butterfly will

gently, barely

noticeably, with its tiny wings, fly off. And a tear

will, from her

cheek, perhaps irrevocably, roll into infinity.

Translated from Serbian: Mira N. Mataric, 2009.

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