Milan Orlich

Keepers of the Fire: Publish or Perish

While the ocean lovers bathe in the messianic


naïve, like in the ocean of poetry, assured that

for the fire

a large log is sufficient, the fire must be kept

alive: well,

we are those real keepers. It is true we too have

white books,

and in them, black lists: but it must be so. No other

way. For these

black and white crows, for the young lions who

from the old

cellars young wine noisily drink. Holy cows are,

of course,

something completely different. Books we write

with gentle

hands, listening to the tender voices of the holy

cows, the echoes of

silence of their words, housed under the threshold

of hearing.

The spiteful ones call us the gladiators of criticism

but, as I have said,

we are the real keepers of the fire. Thanks mostly

to Us, the eternal

fire is alive. Still practiced the ancient law,


rolling the wheel of the being: publish or perish.

Translated from Serbian Mira N. Mataric, 2009.

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