Poems by Martha Stilson:
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Perfect Picture

Mirror image
Starkly drawn in morning stillness
Sliced to ribbons
Stately geese; joyous destruction.

Only February

The ice is gone
the water clear
I wish I had webbed feet

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11 February

Is it March already?
Waves stacked up blowing against the tide;
The lion roars.

Martha's Poem

From My Kitchen Window

The beauty of this place is quiet
Pretty at first, subtle,
Out of the corner of my eye
In glimpses

Through the pines, across the point
Sun on water forces darkness in the foreground.

Five swans flying
Huge, white, silent.

Even today
The world gone to neutral,
It seeps into my pores
Forces space between my molecules, atoms
And enters my DNA.

Breath is taken away
And returned,
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