Marty Buttwinick
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Thanks for looking through all of this.

Have a great week, and let me know if you need anything I can provide for

Marty B. 8-)
(818) 242-7551

    You can have more certainty in the field of Music

    Whatever your involvement with music is, the possibility
    exits that achieving your full potential may be blocked or
    diminished by any one of seven specific areas. I know
    what these areas are, how they get bugged and how to
    fix them.

    I am offering an expanded musical service: I am a
    troubleshooter. I start with a consultation. In this
    meeting we discover the exact points that are holding
    you back. From there, I either handle them on the spot
    or create a program for you to complete.

I have over 25,000 hours in the teacher chair, am a thirty-five year veteran professional, gigging
musician, a teacher for twenty-eight years, a published author and a very experienced bandleader.

My specialty is helping YOU get all the pieces of the puzzle aligned.

Want to talk about it? Need more info? Want to refer a friend?

Call me: (818) 242-7551

Consultations and lessons in person or by phone. (I've taught and consulted by phone to students
across the US.)

I look forward to hearing from you, and being of help to you and your career.

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