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    Student Successes

    “Marty’s teaching style is by far the most logical, approachable and motivating I’ve encountered in all my musical training. I
    received a college degree in music and had been trained to death. He has rekindled my passion for music. By listening to my
    goals and directly working with my interests, he has reminded me of what music is all about. Practicing isn’t a chore anymore;
    it’s something I look forward to every day.”
    Brian S. ~ Bass

    “As a novice pianist I find that my lessons with Marty are very different than other lessons I have taken. I really enjoy the
    musical education that leads to playing the songs I actually care to play, and after just a few lessons am already doing this!”
     Dave P. ~ Piano

    "I am really happy with these lessons. I’ve studied with other teachers and though I’ve learned good things I could never put it
    all together. I now understand how melody, harmony and rhythm relate to me and writing and understanding what’s going on.
    The way you presented everything made it easy to understand and use. This is the first time in maybe ten or fifteen years I’ve
    been really able to grasp the subject of music. Marty is amazing. He has been able to find and understand my missing steps
    and fill them in. Every time I come to my lessons I have huge realizations. I’ve been around music my whole life and have
    studied with many teachers. ”
    Shannon R. ~ Pro Singer/Songwriter - Dancer

    “I've been studying with Marty for about three years now. He is the best thing to ever happen to my music, and music
    education. He is extremely supportive and caring, while providing just what I need as a music student. With Marty I am learning
    to be a professional songwriter/musician, by a professional songwriter, musician. He always has great advice from the
    perspective of a working musician, on gigging ,songwriting or jamming. He has very solid and proven teaching methods that
    continue to take me to a higher level as a musician.”
    Alice D. ~ Guitar - Singer/Songwriter

"Well man, you rock! I’m improvising really well at my gigs and things are really coming together. I saw a video of my band yesterday and was really
flipped out about my playing and where I’m headed."
Greg Z. ~ Pro Bass Player

"Marty is the type of teacher that is quick to the point. No time is wasted. He taught me for four years and I thought I was learning to play the guitar and
found out later I was given the knowledge to play any instrument. This is an amazing way of teaching. Thank you Marty for the experience!"
Michael Thomason ~ Guitar - Guitar Maker

"Thanks Marty, your style of teaching is great and I've learned so much from you in the past year. I started out basically knowing nothing about the
bass guitar, just that I wanted to learn how to play it, and have progressed to the point where today I could stand in with a group of musicians and play
blues, improvise a bit, play some tunes and just have fun. Music is a great outlet from stress and everyday hassles. I totally recommend Marty. "
    John Heitritter ~ Bass

"I have known Marty for many years. He is and excellent musician. The real deal. I have worked in production for 25 years and worked with all the best
musicians. Chick Corea, Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock. I have also played bass for many years but always want to round out my musicial education.
Marty is a great teacher. He has real world experience and knows exactly what I need as a student to improve my musical abilities. Marty is world class."
Joe Hesse ~ Bass, MSS Audio Services
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