"Aztec" for $199.99 the size is 24"X18"
"Fig Tree" is 24"X12" $149.99
"Human" is 36"X24" and its going for $249.99
Exception: "Native American" is Oil/Acrylic on Cardboard, it's going for $44.99
"The Mime" is 36"X48" this one is the biggest out of all of them, and took me nearly 6 months to
complete, it's going for $1000.00.
"The Parisian" is about 12"X12", its going for $99.99.
"Modern Mary" I'm selling that for $249.99. The painting size is 36"X24"

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Virgin Mary                                                                                Aztec                                                          
Mime                                                                                                    Native American                                            
The Parisian                                                 Human                              Fig Tree
Mary Corbell's Paintings
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