Media Soup: Sexy and Bold

    For the longest time, I considered myself a slut
    warrior. That’s right. It just totally bugged, how guys
    could get away with having sex with every girl on
    the block and if a girl slept with two guys she was ...
    gasp ... a SLUT!! So every time some jealous girl
    found out her ex boyfriend hooked up with some
    “slut”, I calmly pointed out the error in her logic. I did
    it to guys talking shit about their ex girls too. Any
    chance I got, I'd let the world know that it was time
    for a change. Women, should certainly be viewed
    as equals, I reasoned.

    Today I’m starting to think maybe that wasn’t such
    a good idea. I mean, my intentions were well--I’m
    an old feminist from way back. But just recently I’ve
    been noticing how socially acceptable it really is for
    women to sleep around. It’s not that it bothers me
    what other people chose to do with their time. No,
    no, no. What DOES bother me tho, is the BUTT
    LOADS of guys who, not only have stopped
    slinging that slut word around, and not only have
    come to enjoy the loose women, but the ones who
have started to EXPECT that at some point during the night, me and him are going to jump in bed and make notso passionate time for
him to get off.

Has anyone else noticed this paradigm shift? Maybe it’s just that I’m growing up, and it’s always been this way. But I’ve observed it in kids
in their 20s too. Every now and then, I used to run into guys who thought it was a good idea to wait to have sex. Where are they now???
Back in the day, our men courted our women in a long process leading up to hopefully eventual sex. Am I the odd kid out to think this is still
a good idea? I mean, I don't expect a guy to buy me a bunch of stuff beforehand. But lotsa good conversation would totally do the trick.
That's hot.

SURVEY QUESTION: Do you like your Soup made better with ...
a. Pea-Soup Green and Blue Sprouts for coloring
b. Plain white with no seasoning
c. I don't care, just FEED ME MY SOUP, damn it!

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Be In the Know: Read More, See More, Be More

American Corporations: Exposing the Truth
Have you seen the movie the Corporation? Let me know what you thought about it. Another really good conversation is going on here about
what we can do to resolve the Corp Problem.

America, the Drug Years
Get in on the debate about the dangers of psychiatrists putting kids and pregnant women on drugs. Some people say it’s a good thing. Let
your voice be heard.

Gay Rights Victory Sparks a Rainbow War
Another intense debate going on regarding gay marriage. I say we help them fight. On this forum, however, I’m greatly outnumbered by
even the most well respected critics saying that gay marriage should be left alone.

Random bits of Logic in Trying Times
Gems of wisdom from major world religions and philosophy.

Tea Parties: Taking America Back Again
Find a tea party near you, and get involved!! PROTEST TAX DAY, do it, do it, do it!

If for some reason, these links don't work, find all the posts here:

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Links You Can’t Live Without:

A list of 163 Ways To Become An Entrepreneur. Advice from Brooke is listed here!

Update on Richard Fine--How He’s Holding up in Jail

Rally for Family Rights

The Way to Happiness:

Be In the News

How to recession-proof your start-up biz
Name: Christopher Elliott
Media Outlet/Publication:
Deadline: 9:00 AM EASTERN - April 15

"How to recession-proof your start-up business. I'm looking for experts on small business start-ups who can offer strategies for
recession-proofing a new company. What kinds of businesses have the best chance of surviving during this economic downturn? How do
you protect your new enterprise from a weak economy? What kinds of mistakes should you avoid?"

Bartering Experiences Needed
Name: Reginald Groff
Media Outlet/Publication: Book
Deadline: 5:00 PM EASTERN - April 30

"Writing a book on bartering and seeking personal stories. If you or anyone you know has had experience with bartering, whether on a
personal or business level, I would love to hear from you.

How has bartering impacted your life? Was it a good experience for you, or did it turn out poorly? Did it help you grow your business,
take a vacation, get goods you'd otherwise not received? Did you ever barter something, only to find out you'd gotten a raw deal?

I'm wrapping this book up at the end of April so I'd appreciate your stories ASAP. Please put HARO somewhere in the subject line of
your email. Thank you."

The Power of Thought
Media Outlet/Publication: Book
Deadline: 5:00 PM PACIFIC - April 20

"Please respond by email no later than posted deadline to No responses posted past deadline will be

What experience do you have that demonstrates the power of "thinking something into being?" Call it positive thinking,
manifestation, whatever you want.

What part does thought have in creating the circumstance or thing you desire? How do expectation, assumption, belief and intention
come into play? Why do some thoughts bear fruit and others do not?

Nat'l Finance Mag Seeking Family
Category: Business & Finance
Email: (Subject: Haro Family Financial Goal)
Media Outlet/Publication: Nat. Finance Magazine

Deadline: 5:00 PM EASTERN - April 17

"A national finance magazine is looking for a family to help with a financial goal. In return, the family will get targeted advice from
a financial planner. Interested families are asked to send a summary detailing their personal financial goal as well as a photo
of their family."

Be a part of the Community

Here's something terrifying: Congress passed the $787 billion stimulus bill and we're pretty sure the people who voted on that legislation
didn't actually read it. And for sure you didn't have a chance to look at it, either. (Comment by Carl: not a single politician who voted for this
criminal bill read it either!)

That's not the first time important legislation has rushed through Congress in a matter of hours. By hurrying to vote on these bills, members
of Congress might miss an earmark or tax break that could have a lasting impact on you and your community.

Let's make sure this doesn't happen again.  Sign the petition and demand that Congress Read The Bill:

Truths are being exposed. The lies and corruption of the powers that be are being brought to light for what they are, and solutions are being
discussed on grassroots levels. But the information is scattered across the web that is the Internet. Here you will find a portal to lot of this
information; a place to bring it all together, and to bring people together with a common cause of liberty and a desire to contribute. Here
you will find freedom oriented views and information pertaining to politics, health and technology. Ways to fight and expose corruption, to
fight unlawful restrictions, and bring about true change. It's time to spread the truth, to resist tyranny and embrace liberty. With knowledge
comes power. With that power, action can be taken.

So, my friends, will you join us? Will you take the red pill and follow us down the rabbit hole to discover what's on the other side? Or will you
be content to stay behind, ever shackled in the matrix, grazing obliviously amongst the sheep?...

Be Apart of the Community

This is YOUR section, Media Soupers. Let me know what’s on your mind. Promote your projects, plug your business, no matter what it is. Let your voice
be heard.

Help make new California Dependency Case Law! There is a case under review by the California Supreme Court right now and you can make a

You will be asked to sign and mail a letter called an amicus curiae ("friend of the court").to the CA Supreme Court. These letters show the court that the
issues under review are of significant importance to a number of people so they may grant the review. The issues deal with parental rights termination
and constitutional rights. To participate email:

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