Not Go Gentle into that Good Night!!
                                                                     Monday, March 23, 2009 6:07 PM

    I’m so enraged and deeply saddened by the
    rights violations I see all across the board. If
    America’s the greatest place on Earth, then this
    has to be a prison planet.

    Many of us have woken up to the fact that all the
    rights we once enjoyed have now been classified
    as privileges. When is the rest of the world going
    to figure it out and stand with us? And what are
    you doing to set off the alarm? Whatever you’ve
    been doing, it’s working. Do it more. Amp it up.
    We’ve got to make a change, and the time to
    make it is NOW. Not tomorrow. And not someday.
    That someday has morphed into TODAY. It is our
    responsibility to help the people around us.  
    Spread the word loud and proud that we WILL
Meals taste best when shared in good company. Forward the Soup.

Be In the Know: Read More, See More, Be More

Obama’s New Draft Passes the House
Yes you read that right. A draft for men AND WOMEN, mandatory service. Read the vlog to see if you stats were mentioned among the unlucky ones
required to go.

Tough Questions in Trying Times
Would you kill a man for food? Read and answer this list of tough and intriguing questions ahead of time, so you’re not in  a bind should you have to
face it in the months to come.

U.S. Dollar to Be Replaced by One World Currency
Last year we were told the dollar would be crashed by big bankers and bad government only to be replaced by the Amero. Now, at the latest G20
meeting, a group of bankers are talking about one world currency, as if they don’t control the world already ...

** If any of the above links do not work, you will find the full vlog at **

Leave your thoughts behind in the comment section!!

Be Linked
Links You Can’t Live Without:

Learn about the Health Revolution and Get Involved

A MUST SEE VIDEO on Patriotism

What Alex Jones has to say about Obama’s New Draft:

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the NWO

Article about Me and How I Started my Business
scroll down and click “March” to see my story appear.

Be In the News
Why connect with media? It’s like this. When you don’t agree with your government, you write you Congressman. Unless you’re writing to Ron Paul or
Dennis Kucinich or a select few others, THEY’RE NOT GOING to listen to you. WHY? Because they’re out to steal your rights.

The majority of the media, however, is just ill informed. Write to them. Inform them. Change their minds. And change the world. Together, we can make
a difference.

ARRA impact on Small Businesses Email:

Media Outlet/Publication: Dell

Deadline: 2:00 PM EASTERN - March 24

"I am writing a freelance article for Dell's Small Business Web site. I am looking for political/government sources who can answer a few questions
related to the stimulus bill and how the education portion of the bill can benefit small businesses (i.e., what grants will there be in the field that small
businesses can tap into, in what forms this money will be available, the bidding process itself and who the bidding will be run through).

The $100B for education seems to set a substantial amount aside for training in a host of fields. I would imagine that is where small business can
benefit from this portion of the bill. Now I need to know what they need to do to reap those benefits.”

ALERT: EMAIL THIS PERSON to INFORM THEM about the TRUTH about the ROCKEFELLERS! Tell them about his REAL reputation and how this fits
in with what’s REALLY going on in the world right now!! History of Rockefeller Center Email:

Media Outlet/Publication: Crain's New York Business

Deadline: 5:00 PM EASTERN - March 26

"I am looking for people who can discuss the history of Rockefeller Center.  I was those who can talk about the history of the building and how it fit into
what was going on at the times.  But I also need those who can discuss rents, tenant base, reputation and other issues as the years passed. No phone
calls please. Just emails."

Job search experts--URGENT REQUEST Email:

Media Outlet/Publication: National TV Outlet

Region: New York City only

Deadline: 3:00 PM EASTERN - March 23

"I'm looking for guests for two topics connected to jobsearching. For the first segment, please share your five best, beyond-the-basics tips and
strategies for how to keep your spirits up when the job search gets you down. For the other segment, do you think out-of-work professionals who are
50+ should consider plastic surgery to appear more youthful when competing for jobs in this economy--and why or why not?  I'm looking for experts with
strong opinions on both sides and willing to debate the pros and cons, based on their opinions. All experts should be willing to appear on TV this week
and must be in the New York area.  Please include specific responses to the topic above that you're qualified to discuss and include brief credentials
and contact information. Send email to Thanks"

Trusting Your Intuition


Media Outlet/Publication: Prevention Magazine

Deadline: 5:00 PM EASTERN - April 6

"For a pitch on "intuition," I'm looking for NEW research around intuition, i.e. that intuition can be just as valuable as rational thinking and logic. I'm open
to anything an expert can give me: i.e. when to trust your gut, or how to hone in on and harness your intuition. I need at least four solid studies or some
good takeaway advice from experts. Email only: by April 6th.

Need sources affected by market crash Email:

Media Outlet/Publication: Fidelity online

Deadline: 1:00 PM EASTERN - March 25

"I need a source who has had to delay retirement due to the stock crash or has had to take on a job (part- or full-time) in retirement. 20-30 minute

Time to Think Positive and  Re-evalauate Email:

Media Outlet/Publication: Pitch Stage / Magazine

Deadline: 6:00 PM CENTRAL - March 25

"I am working on a story regarding thinking positive and being optimistic in spite of the negativity and constant media blitz about the  economical crisis.
Instead of wallowing in depressing news,I suggest individuals should   use  this situation as a time to think  positively ,and also use it as  a time to
re-evaluate what is important to them. Also, I offer specific ways to handle this stressful period and use it as an opportunity for growth. Does anyone
have any data or personal stories to support this logic,  or do you think it is being unrealistic, and sounds like Pollyanna?"

Need Bond Market and Bank Experts Email:

Media Outlet/Publication: Insto Magazine

Deadline: 5:00 PM EASTERN - March 25

"I write quarterly updates about what's going in the U.S. markets for a business magazine called Insto. My two stories this month are on: the US
corporate bond market (who's coming to market these days, and why can they sell their bonds and not others), and "the state of banks: have we they
bottom." I'm looking for experts who can speak specifically to these two topics."

Auto Industry Expert Sought Email:

Media Outlet/Publication: New Yorker

Deadline: 6:00 PM EASTERN - March 31

"I'm looking for something with knowledge of the auto industry who might be able to tell me if the ideas presented in this video are viable: http://www. Basically it's a plan to save the auto industry by retrofitting the whole fleet of American-made cars with more
efficient engines. If someone can comment on this or tell me on background if it's viable, please let me know. "

Be Apart of the Community

This is YOUR section, Media Soupers. Let me know what’s on your mind. Promote your projects, plug your business, no matter what it is. Let your voice
be heard.

Help make new California Dependency Case Law! There is a case under review by the California Supreme Court right now and you can make a

You will be asked to sign and mail a letter called an amicus curiae ("friend of the court").to the CA Supreme Court. These letters show the court that the
issues under review are of significant importance to a number of people so they may grant the review. The issues deal with parental rights termination
and constitutional rights. To participate email:

My Cause:
My Blog:
My Site:
Who do you know that is an artist?
Have them promoted here!  No charge!
Post a link to my site to help me help you!.

Media Soup
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