Media Soup is Back!! (and Tastier than Ever!)

    Thanks for sampling the Soup! Media Soup was
    served up from ‘04 thru the end of ‘07. In
    November of that year, something very drastic
    happened to me. I woke up. (Read more here:
    Notes on My Personal Awakening.) Before, I was
    living the good life in Los Angeles. It was all
    about red carpets, Hollywood parities, and
    working with celebrities, that consumed the bulk
    of my time. I was a part time human rights activist
    with a personal mission statement of helping
    people to “look better on the outside and to feel
    better within.”

    But ‘08 was a time of transformation for me. It
    was a time of reflection and a time for new
    directions. So I flipped the script. I am now a full
    time activist and a part time fashionista.

But the purpose of Media Soup is the same. It’s all about connecting people with the media; this facet of society, originally designed to represent the
people, has morphed into a big business of select special interest groups. But the people are supposed to be the media, which is why it’s sad to see
such a huge disconnect. This newsletter puts you back in control by giving you opportunities to speak your mind and ACTUALLY have mainstream and
alternative news sources read your words and hear your thoughts. (What a concept, huh?)

So thank you all for grubbing here. The hostess, server and chef, Brooke Kelley, is oh so happy to have you. Enjoy your soul food, and don’t forget to
share some with friends and family! Mealtimes are always better in good company.

Be In the Know: Read More, See More, Be More

Cigarettes: ILLEGAL.
Say it isn’t so! I’m not even a smoker of cigies, yet I am truly devastated by this attack on American rights. Your government is in
the process of shifting cigarettes from the corner store to the black market.

If Brooke is a Terrorist then Obama is the Anti-Christ. The government, under change-promising B.O., has dubbed me and all Restore the
Republic supporters and Ron Paul lovers as TERRORISTS! Something stinks, Obama. Put down your fully extended right arm!

Tent Cities Cropping Up in America Just because you haven’t seen them, doesn’t mean they don’t exist! The bad economy is more than just a
nightly news event. It’s real. And it’s happening all across America, like it or not. See pictures by clicking the link.

** If any of the above links do not work, you will find the full vlog at **

Leave your thoughts behind in the comment section!!

Be Linked: Info You Can’t Live Without

The Obama Deception
You've heard why Obama's the savior. Now find out why he's not.

TYPES of GOVERNMENT: Do you know what type of government we have? What type we're supposed to have?

Bank Foreclosures on Perfect Payment History Why are banks allowed to close unfairly in a down economy? If you can't answer this, you need to
do some more research.

Be In the News: MEDIA REQUESTS...

Everyone email this person directly below and tell them how dangerous psych medications are. The media
needs to inform the public that it’s NOT OKAY TO PUT CHILDREN ON DRUGS!! Like politicians, sending a bunch of email on a topic,
gives you a voice to “vote” on certain topics. This is our chance to sway their decision. Don’t let this person say one good thing about
drugging kids.***

ADHD: meds and behavior modification Email:

Media Outlet/Publication: Root & Sprout

Deadline: 12:00 PM CENTRAL - March 16

"I am working on an article regarding ADHD/ADD.  My focus is to discuss medications, behavior modifications -- the difference between these forms of
treatment.  Also, the benefits of using both together as treatment with medication only is not a full proof measure."

NYC Events and Openings
****ATTENTION, Soupers!!
Send Patriot and Activist Related Info to this Media Outlet. Forward this to others who might know of events too.

Email: Title: Segment Producer/Reporter

Media Outlet/Publication: NBC NY Nonstop

Deadline: 5:00 PM EASTERN - March 31

"Seeking events and openings for weekly segment titled 'City by Subway' airing on the newly launched NBC NY Nonstop channel.  'City by Subway' is a
weekend NYC calendar of events in video log format.  We want to hear about everything from theatre to gallery openings,
to newly opened stores and restaurants, to street fairs and festivals.  

We will be incorporating these events weekly - so feel free to send pitches each week."

Looking for Interview Sources and Pitches Re:Education Email:

Media Outlet/Publication: Reader's Digest

Deadline: 6:00 PM EASTERN - May 30

"As the education beat reporter for Reader's Digest, I am constantly look for story ideas and great sources regarding education on all levels- local,
state and national, K-12, college and beyond. Please send me your story ideas or contact information if you would like to be added to my source list,
where you could be contacted for any future articles about education. Thanks for your help."

Are women more recession-proof than men? Email: HARO- WOMEN MORE RECESSION PROOF? in sub)

Media Outlet/Publication: National web site

Deadline: 5:00 PM EASTERN - March 17

"I'm writing a story for a national Web site on whether women's career choices make them more recession-proof than men.  Some say women are more
recession-proof because they pick jobs in fields that stand up in stormy fiscal times, such as healthcare and education. Is this true? What are some
other recession-proof fields women pursue?

I'm looking to hear from career experts and those well-versed on gender issues in the workplace. Please e-mail me by Tuesday, March 17."

Homemade Cleaners Email:

Media Outlet/Publication: National News Outlet

Deadline: 6:00 PM EASTERN - March 18

"I am looking to interview someone who has mixed their own cleaning product at home in order to save money.

What have you created? How did it work? Would you do it again?

Please do not respond unless you are willing to be interviewed on-camera."

Women: How Do You Stop Worrying? Email:

Media Outlet/Publication: Health

Deadline: 6:00 PM EASTERN - March 23

"Do you have a way to stop worrying about the bills, your job, and other problems? If so, Health magazine would love to hear what you do, whether
that's hitting the tennis courts, getting absorbed in cooking a new recipe, or playing with your neighbor's dog. Just email your advice to judydutton@nyc., along with your first and last name, age, profession, city and state of residence, and an email address where I can reach you with additional
questions. If you would like to include a photo, please do, although it's not necessary. Your answer may appear in an upcoming issue of Health
magazine to help other women stop worrying, too. "

Social Media Tips for Non-Profit Email:

Media Outlet/Publication: (blog)

Deadline: 6:00 PM EASTERN - March 16

"Working on an article about promoting a non-profit on social media on a "shoe string" budget. Tips that individuals that run a non-profit on a volunteer
basis can utilize. "

How do you spread happiness? Email:

Media Outlet/Publication: REDBOOK magazine

Deadline: 12:00 PM EASTERN - March 16

"According to a recent study, happiness is emotionally contagious. So, with that in mind, I'm working on a sidebar for a future issue of REDBOOK
magazine about ways you [women, 25-55, please] share your happiness and spread joy--do you bake cupcakes for the office?
send a just-because postcard to a far-flung friend? Pay a compliment to a stranger? Whatever you do to pay it forward/spread happiness, I want to
hear it.

Please send your thoughts, along with your full name, city, state, age, and a photograph of yourself with "happiness" in the subject line to by Monday, 3/16. I will let you know if we are considering your quote.”

PodCast Radio Guests Email:

Media Outlet/Publication: Employaid, Inc.

Deadline: 5:00 PM EASTERN - March 18

"I am interested in speaking with career coaches, and others in the HR arena who can speak with authority on workforce issues in the current
economy.  Be available for interview in April as we launch Employaid Radio as a feature of  This is a chance
to  showcase your practice and expertise on our website."

Success Secrets of Happy Couples Email:

Media Outlet/Publication: the Complete Marriage Counselor

Deadline: 5:00 PM EASTERN - March 20

"For my upcoming book on marriage counselors I need to add some short quotes from couples who figured out how to handle specific
issues that were troublesome. These are:

1. Money Fights
2. Differences in how to parent or how parents can still find time for each other 3. Difficulties with extended family - spouse's siblings, in-laws...
4. Making interfaith marriage work
5. Surviving infidelity, perhaps it was cyber-infidelity, not physical
6. two career couples - not letting work drain you,
7.Couples who have different goals; worry your spouse is on a separate track and not making you a priority 8. handling a crisis -be it death of a child,
infertility, domestic abuse, illness, etc 9. making a second marriage work”

Be Apart of the Community

This is YOUR section, Media Soupers. This is where you can SAY anything that’s not a lie, that is. But here is where you can promote
your business, product or service, regardless of what it is, and here is where you can exercise your first amendment rights. For inclusion, send your
thoughts to

Madoff goes to Jail. "As the years went by I realized this day, and my arrest, would inevitably come"-BERNARD L. MADOFF, pleading guilty to a Ponzi
scheme involving billions of dollars.

Read more like this by signing up for the LBN eLert, read by 300,000 top influencers in entertainment and politics ... John Malcovich reads it ... Do

The breathing technique  we will use shuts down the mind and gets energy moving through the body. We will use this energy to clear your deeply held
blocks and your unhelpful thought patterns. My job is to help you experience joy, peace and freedom. Sessions regularly cost $108, but you can email
me for first-time discounts.

"My hands and arms tingled, then turned into pins and needles while the rest of my body felt bone-cold and a wave of emotion swept over me.”
-- Client, Screenwriter

"The more I was breathing, the more I would vibrate. I had a lot of buzzing at my neck and shoulders. I could have sworn Stephanie had put a vibrating
cell phone and a heating pad on me, but it was just my breathing. I want to do it again."
-- Client, Sales Professional, UC-Berkeley Grad

"It's an experience into one's own myth, bringing clarity... Very healing."
-- Client, Actor
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