Medical Doctors, Their Actions

Most of us believe that doctors take oaths and promise to do no harm.

My dentists,
Dr Joseph Sarkissian, D.D.S., states on this web page "FIRST
DO NO HARM". He means it. He and his staff treat their patients with that
motto in mind. I have been to him numerous times. Compared to past dentist
there is night and day difference! Visit his website by
clicking here. I highly
recommend him.

According to
Wikipdia “In the USA, most medical schools administer some
form of oath (It should be noted, however, that a doctor is not required to take
the oath).”

Also, the modern oath no longer contains the promise to “do no harm.”


So doctors now prescribe drugs to dampen or lessen symptoms.

Do doctors know
all drugs have side effects? Yes they do!

Therefore they are knowingly creating harm.

It should be noted here that trusting young men and women are trained by
pharmaceutical based educational institution to become Doctors!

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Health Care

Health is a well functioning body free of illness. Care is having concern over.
Health care would be concern over the health of someone!

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Before I go on, I am certain there are many medical doctors that this article
doesn't apply to at all. But it does to the majority. If you're one of the
exceptions, you will know this is not applicable to you and I applaud you for
your integrity!

Why do doctors not address the basic underlying causes?

Are healthy people profitable?

The medical field has become degraded. No, not every doctor is guilty but
many are.

Far too many doctors prescribe drugs for profit. Often, doctors prescribe

drugs for payola, kickbacks and or they own stock!

Placebo Effect

A sugar pill is as effective as a drug, as an anti-depressants. Would your
doctor prescribe the
no side effect sugar pill? Or would your doctor prescribe
the expensive drug with dangerous side effects?

Would your doctor recommend you take a vaccine known to kill and injury?
Would your doctor recommend you
vaccinate you child so much the child is
likely to get autism?

No oath, no promise to not harm and, apparently, no conscious is a standard
in medicine today!

Medicine and pharma put profit over health! Medicine/pharma operate for
profit regardless of harm and death. There was an FDA approved
drug that
killed over 80,000 before being pulled! That is murder pushed by pharma,
medical and every drugstore in the land and given fda approval!


Neither pharma nor medicine can heal or ever has cured anything. Drugs
slow healing by blocking the bodies defenses. Does that not make the
pushing of drugs to heal fraud?

No, I guess not if the doctor says this will make you feel better, have less pain,
and it's true. You may feel nothing at all as you're dead.

But they don't say this drug (these drugs) will.... 14 pages of side effects often
including death.

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Studies prove most medical research is false.


There are emergency situations where drugs are needed (my opinion and
there maybe safer better solutions). An uneducated guess is that less that two
(2) percent of drug usage is emergency.

The rest is fraud. It is the creation of side effects which guarantees future

need of drugs for new symptoms. I call the use of prescription drugs the
creation of medical wreckage!

Drugs never cure!

All drugs are toxic. How can a poison heal? Do not all drugs have warning
labels? Why is that?
Drugs are poisons!

It is interesting how many billions have been spend on cancer cure research
no cure has been found.

No, the chemo they use gives cancer to
nurses that administer them. Is
causing cancer a crime?

The radiation they use to kill cancer,
causes cancer, and often kills the patient!
Isn't knowlingly causing the death of a patient murder? See related article
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Pharma/ama violent opposes natural cures. There are many cures for many
things. But the fda swat team is hovering above my phone booth office ready
to snatch me up if I say cure and nutrition in the same sentence. Oops! I have
to hurry I hear them coming!


Dear Mr MD,

Where you put your attention, your energy, is where you will get results.

What have you studied? Doctors study how to treat illnesses and repair
broken bodies, right?

Currently you spend your days treating illness or injury symptoms, correct?

The result is you will have illness or injury symptoms. Why do doctors die so

Now if you spent your time making people healthy, that is what you get,
healthy people including yourself!

For those of you still reading, this may have made you uncomfortable. That
means you still have some integrity left.

You probably went into medicine to help people and of course to locate that
hot sexy partner and make a boat load of money. Maybe it was the hot nurse
first... but either way, you wanted to help. I believe that is truth for 99.9 percent!

What happened? Did greed take over? Did you realize your education will not
result in cures? Or did just the failures to help overwhelm you?


Have you noticed how government appropriations are shrinking? Have you
noticed the growing number of psych hospitals that are being closed by the
authorities? Have you noticed the growing number of your profession that are
convicted for crimes? Click here to see the growing list?

Psychiatry is a complete fraud and you know it is.

Your manual,
DSM, where you vote illness into existence as another
fraudulent excuse used to drug people, is a classic example of premeditated

Your criminal ties to big pharma and their criminal actions will bring you both

The continued use of fraud techniques is a criminal act. Sooner or later your
actions will catch up with you and you will no longer be

May I suggest you cease your harmful actions against mankind and start
another profession.


Have you've heard of the other “evil” practices like chiropractor, homeopathy,
acupressure, acupuncture, naturopathy and nutrition?

Those “evil” practices are able to help people heal their own bodies with great
success! Heck the only problem they have in helping people is the
medical/pharma/fda mafia!

Why proper nutrition even allows the being to regain control of their sanity in
most cases. Remove the poisons and provide nutrition. The being and the
body will heal.

But what is your future?

So is you're super car, big house, acceptance in the snake profession of
medicine worth more than your integrity, more than you soul?

Learn how to help people. Even a
health coach with a few hours training can
do more to help people than most MDs and certainly more helpful that the
harmful practices of the psychs! Though most health coaches can't set a bone
so you do have purpose for continuing your practice.

Or will you continue to push pharma/bankster agenda in their efforts to
subjugate a drugged ill population. How many have you drugged to lower the
survival of mankind?

Of course with the American toxic diet, once they are three fourths dead, they
need your fancy deadly drugs and ultra expensive surgery to keep th
eir dying
bodies alive a few days more.

Will your future be drugs and your own early death at the
hands of your fellows?

Or do you, my intelligent but duped friend, want to help people and yourself
live longer happier drug free lives?

Think about it. Hell is a local call from any hospital in America!

©2012  by Carl Watts/ 02/21/12 edited 3/23/12 031413
Articles, information by @Poet_Carl_Watts  #KnowledgeIsPower! #AwesomeTeam
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