This poem is the second of a series of three poems which I am calling hatting poems.
A hatting poem is written with the intention of hopefully passing on some information
and some ideas. I hope you enjoy and find something of use.

Men and Women

Throughout time, one thing has been clear
Men need women and women need men
The soft touch of her cheek, the muscles of his arms
Not only need but desire and want each other
More than that, hunger, love, help to stay alive
Each man, woman, has their charms
Men and women together survive better

Yet all about, I find people without a partner
Lonely figures, busy trying not to show it, lonely
Why can’t we be friends and lovers, living as one?
I’ve been alone; it’s very rough, though not very long
A life long friend, my wife, left me for a newer body
Her body failed, quit working, she had no choice.

There I was, no one to talk to, no one to tell good news
No one to ask advice. No one to lean on those cold lonely nights
My mom called and said, "I’m coming for visit." A happy affair
But I cried. And I cried. I had no one to tell
My best friend, my wife, was not there to tell the good news.

Five children, all grown, abundant grandchildren, yet I was alone.
How could this have come to pass? I knew I could not last.
Being alone was a problem. I handled it fast, finding a new partner.
The woman I found, my best friend, now happily my wife.
Not lonely anymore, I have some one to tell the good news
A shoulder to lean on, someone I can care for and help out

So why do some men, some women, not have this, a partner
Why no shoulder to rely on, someone to stay strong when they’re weak
Are they so ugly that they have no friends, no one ever thinks of them
Or do they push those that would get close farther away
Hold them back, martyring themselves and that lonely friend

Is it fear of a relationship failed, again and again?
I’d rather fail than never begin, a no beginning never wins
No man nor woman have I ever met that I could not befriend
Some are too treacherous to deserve my help, those I do not address
But men and women everywhere, normally aren’t treacherous

Those I have met are worthy of my help, friendship, and communication.
Taking a wife or a husband is a commitment, they’re never perfect
You have to grow them up, while allowing them to grow you
For it to work, at least one, should be two, needs to decide it will
Then one, better two, makes it happen despite heaven or hell
Reach out to a friend, make the call, send the letter
Even better, visit them. Say hello and talk things out.

It’s a lot of work raising a wife. I know, I’ve done it. But I’m sure,
I’m totally positive it was an easier job than raising me.
Growing me up, raising me has been picked up by my new wonderful wife.
No one who reads this has any right to be lonely, nor to complain
There are many wonderful partners just wanting to be found.
Life is better with a good spouse, no one can argue, I defy them

A decision needs to be made, a new direction determined
Single, walking alone or together walking hand in hand.
Make the first move, create a new life, together you can
Find yourself that lovely woman, that handsome man, do it soon

Sanity is survival, a spouse is survival, a spouse is sanity.
Can’t figure it out, I’ll help you grow up, help you locate that person
Get you going, winning, turn you over to your spouse.
For guidance, references, common sense, contact the Poet,

The Poet

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