So many times from the sea,
A mermaid, I had hoped to see.
A mermaid, who grew up in the sea.
I know it was a silly notion
To hope to find love in the ocean

But the waves beckoned me out
Hopes of a mermaid made me shout.
From swimming the sea, she’d not be stout.
Lithe, beautiful, and friendly with me,
I was looking for a beautiful vision from the sea.

One day I found her, not by the sea
I met her one afternoon, we met for coffee.
There we were. It was nice, she was looking at me.
She must be the one, I’m no longer alone
With this in mind, I took her home.

A mermaid, I took home,
my family accepted
I don’t know what I thought, they would have expected.
But the story is good of a love, no one rejected.
Like so many, I decided to marry
I’m so happy I created a life with

That’s all there is to the mermaid tale.
But I have a lot more visions to tell.
But don’t worry, none are from hell.
Freedom and light.
I tell of delight.

Until the next time
I’ll try to keep the rhyme
A new creation each line.
Freedom for me
Victory for thee.

The Mermaid would have it so.

©2009 Carl Watts
This is dedicated to Mary Watts, my wife!
Page created 1/5/09, Modified 1/10/09,
1/11/09, 6/9/09
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