MIRA N. MATARIC was born and raised in Novi Sad,
    Yugo-slavia (known as the Serbian Athens). She earned
    her M.A. and Ph.D. in languages and world literature at the
    University of Belgrade and pursued a Master's in Special
    Education from Emporia University, Ks. Mira traveled
    extensively on five continents, studying diverse cultures,
    literature, music, art, lifestyles and philosophy.

    An avid reader since age 5, she was published in school
    journals at age 13 and leading Serbian periodicals since
    age 18. Her poetry, short stories, translations (Serbo-
    Croatian/ English), essays and travelogues have been
    published in literary magazines and journals for decades.
    Upon graduation, she became an English instructor at the
    Military Academy in Belgrade, then a senior librarian at the
    National Library of Serbia for 14 years (foreign books,
    bibliography, research,  publishing department,
    international relations, regular contributor to the journal

    She taught English at the University of Belgrade. Her
    poetry, short stories, essays and critiques, as well
    astranslations of American, English, Irish, Indian and other
    modern poets and writers were published in Yugoslavia
    during 1960-80’s (Graham Greene, John Steinbeck, Isaac
    Bashevis Singer, etc.). She was also a very active
    interpreter at the international symposiums in Rome,
    Hamburg, Dubrovnik, where she worked with some
    outstanding figures in different fields (literature, nuclear
    science, etc.).

In the USA since 1981, Mira taught Creative Writing, Russian, and Special Education, actively writing poetry, short stories, editing a
literary magazine "Collage" (for 18 years) and presiding Women in the Arts Inc., volunteer teaching creative writing to youth, physically
handicapped and senior citizens, publicly speaking on various themes in the educational and other organizations. She still does most
of it, also creating and leading literary workshops, writers' critiquing groups, and literary readings.

With about 2,000 citations in the leading magazines and other professional publications, Mira has published almost 30 books (in
English and Serbian). Her writing has been awarded and published in several languages. Her opus evenly includes her own poetry and
prose, as well as well as translations (Michael Moorcock, Edna O'Brien, Kamala Das, Louis Adamich, S. Cisneros, P. Neruda, etc.).
Mira actively writes and publishes in Europe (a member of the Association of Writers of Serbia), in USA ("Salem Press"
Encyclopedias, "World Literature Today," "International Library of Poetry," "American Srbobran," "Serbian Times" "South Slav
Journal," "Serbian Studies," "Iskra" etc.).

Eighteen years of life in Kansas resulted in "Light and Shadow," 2003, portraying hardship, prejudices, and loneliness during the first
years of a severe cultural shock. The disappointment turns into a challenge, to end in
more growth, spiritual and creative. When Mira moves to Southern California, she experiences an explosion of renewed insight and
creativity. Several recent books of memoirs, short stories, translations and critical essays richly and successfully build cultural bridges,
love and understanding between the people of her "old" and "new" home-countries: the novel "Legacy,"  stories and memoirs "Light
and Shadows," "Dream and Awakening," "Bitter- Sweet Memories," poetry "Seasons of Love."

Mira's writing offers a vibrant, picturesque, true picture of life and people in times of strife and joy, always filled with wisdom, beauty and
love of life.

The following titles are inspired by and placed in Pasadena environment: "Legacy," "Snapshot in Black and White," "Pink Nightgown,"
"Marriage Dyptich," "Dancing," "Sex and Love," "Yoga Class," also numerous poems, articles, critiques and translations.

February 13, 2007 in Belgrade, Serbia, Mira N. Mataric received the literary award "Golden Medal" by the Association for Culture and
Education in Belgrade, Serbia, for her life-long contribution to the art and culture of Serbia as well as
building cultural bridges between Serbia (Yugoslavia) and the United States of America and other
English speaking countries.

Mira can be reached at:
mira016@hotmail.com Her web site is: miramataric.net
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Mira Mataric
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