MIRA N. MATARIC has received numerous international awards for poetry in the United States and England.
Posted on this site are highlighted:
The Roman Booty
Red Riding Hood
Novi Dad
Improper Things
The House of my Soul

In October 2005, the Ministry of Diaspora, in the Government of Serbia, presented Mira the prestigious literary award, “Arsenie Charnoevic”, in
Belgrade, for her life achievement in building cultural bridges between Serbian and English speaking worlds.

In February 2007, Mira was awarded the “Golden Medal” of the Association for Culture and Education of Serbia for her life-time contributions to the
development of art and culture.

In October 2008, Mira received another literary award in Belgrade for her poetic achievements called "POEMA."
Mira is  published and known in Europe as Mirjana N. Radovanov-Matari}. Her works include:

1.     Kadmus i Druge Pesme. Beograd, Helicon. 1975   (In Serbian language, illustrated)
2.     Cadmus.  Bibliophile edition with original illustrations  by eminent Serbian graphic artists, Beograd, 1976   (Bilingual, Serbian and English). One
copy of each donated to the British Museum Library in London, Library of Congress, USA; Biblitheque national in Paris, National Library of Serbia,
Belgrade and Library of Matica srpska, Novi Sad..
3.     Latice/Petals (a bibliophile edition of poetry).   Beograd. 1980 (Serbian, illustrated)
4.     Petals/Latice, Wichita, Ks. USA. 1980.   (Bilingual, English and Serbian, illustrated)
5.     Cadmo, Wichita.Ancient Mariners. 1980   (English, illustrated)
6.     Seasons of Love, Pasadena. Zora. 2005  (English and Serbian illustrated)
7.     Apassionata. Beograd. Diaspora. 2008 (in Serbian) awarded Anthologies

More Poetry
1.     "Mature Love,” From Silver Fountains. Owings  Mills, MD. The International Library of Poetry.  2000, p. 85 -awarded
2      “War and Peace”, Noble House, London. 2004-awarded
3.     “
Awakening”, Famous Poets Society. 2004-awarded
4.     "Improper Things" – The International Who is Who in Poetry. 2004-awarded
5.      “Stuffed Animal”, Letters from the Soul. The  International Library of Poetry and Poetry.com.  2005 -awarded
6.      “
Sale”, Who is Who in Poetry. 2007. –awarded
7.      "Katrina". Disaster and Relief. San Gabriel Valley Poetry Quarterly. Fall 2005
8.      "My Parents' Eyes". San Gabriel Valley Poetry Qarterly, Summer 2006
9.      "
Novi Sad". San Gabriel Valley Poetry Quarterly, Summer 2005
10.    "Teenage Love". San Gabriel Valley Poetry Quarterly, Spring 2005
11.    "War and Peace" and "Fourth of July". San Gabriel Valley Poetry Quarterly, Summer 2005
12.     "
Sale". San Gabriel Valley Poetry Quaarterly, 30. Summer 2005
13.     "Hymn to Motherhood", "Poem of Despair", "Mature Love", "Improper Things", "Stuffed Animal". Poetry and Cookies 2005. Anthology of Poems
by Altadenians
14.     "Young Love". "Mature Love". Poetry People. A Directory of Southern California Poets for 2007

Also poetry in several other anthologies in English and Serbian. Books in Serbian
1.     Kazivanja (Storytelling). Beograd. Helikon.1978.
2.     Kolazi (Collage), Beograd, Helikon 1978.   Ilustrovano
3.     Pusenje (Smoking). Price iz tudjine. Beograd.   Udruzenje knjizevnika Srbije, 2000
4.     Svetlost i senke (Light and Shadow). Monrovia,    Ca. Zora. 200. p.172. Ilustrovano
5.     Svetlost i senke. Beograd. UKS. Beogradski  Medjunarodni susreti pisaca. 2001. Ilustrovano
6.     Izmedju sna i jave. (Dreams and Awakening).   Monrovia, CA. Zora. 2002. p. 78. Ilustrovano
7.     Ugovor ljubavi (Legacy of Love). Roman.  Monrovia, Ca. Zora. 2002. Ilustrovano
8.     Slatko-gorke uspomene (Bitter-Sweet Memories).     Memoari, Zora, 2003. Ilustrovano
9.     Doba ljubavi (Seasons of Love).  Poezija.  Monrovija. Zora, 2004. p. 207. Ilustrovano
Zasto pisete? Antologija pisaca iz dijaspore.   Monrovija, Zora 2005. p. 299. Ilustrovano.
U prolazu. Srbi u dijaspori.  Monrovia, Zora 2006. p. 208. Ilustrovano.
Misterije ljubavi.. Price. Monrovia. Zora. 2007
Apasionata. Poezija. Beograd. Dijaspora, 2007

Books in English
1.     Love Affair With Life. Memoirs and short stories.   Princeton, NJ. XLibris. 1998. p. 244
2.     Light and Shadow. Memoirs and short stories.   Monrovia, CA. Zora. 2003. p. 192 illustrated
3.     Dreams and Awakening. Memoirs and short stories. Monrovia, CA. Zora. 2003. p. 78 illustrated
4.     The Legacy. A contemporary novel. Monrovia,  CA. Zora. 2003. p. 200 illustrated
5.     Seasons of Love. Poetry. Monrovia, CA. Zora. 2005. p. 142 illustrated
6.     Bitter Sweet Memories. Memoirs. Monrovia. Zora. 2006 illustrated

1.     Moorcock, Michael: Elrich of Melnibone,      Beograd, Prosveta-Yugoslavia, 1978
2.     Moorcock, Michael: The Sailor on the Seas of   Fate, Beograd, Prosveta-Yugoslavia, 1979
3.     Steinbeck, John: The Acts of King Arthur and His  Noble Knights, Beograd, Prosveta, Yugoslavia, 1978  Vol. I-II

and hundreds and hundreds of translations in anthologies, literary journals, online, etc.

Writing two novels and a book of poetry (in two languages) presently…
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