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I had trouble as a student...

    I had trouble as a student before I came to the
    Mojave Academy. I was really behind in my studies
    and I also used to get into a lot of fights at school.

    One of the first things I did in my Life Basics™
    personal program was the "Victim Program." This
    was really great because it taught me why I would
    always make myself a victim instead of taking
    responsibility for things. Like I would always blame
    other people for things, making excuses for my
    actions. I also hung out with other kids who were in

Since I finished Life Basics and all that is handled, now I am really catching up fast on
my academics. My studies are ten times better than they used to be when I was in
public school. It's a real change. I used to hate school. Now I love it!

    E.F.  age 14
Page created  6/26/09
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