Mojave's Life Basics Program Changed My Whole Life!

    I started as a student at Mojave Academy when I was ten years old. I was
    in public school at the time and I knew there was a better school for me.

    When I first arrived here I was a bit surprised that it wasn't a huge school
    (like my public school). I really liked that it felt like a big family and
    everyone was so close. The staff here really cared about me.
    Mojave's Life BasicsTM program changed my whole life. I used to not
    take responsibility for things. I wasn't orderly and I didn't take very good
    care of myself or my belongings. But the Life Basics program totally
    saved my life! I became more alert and aware and life just became easier
    as I became more responsible and had more initiative.

    My favorite subject at Mojave was Math. Because Cheri is such a great
    teacher, I finally understood the subject after she taught me some basics
    that I had been missing all along! I also really liked hiking and that you
    could just go out on a hike pretty much any day. I mean, we were in the
    middle of the mountains! That part was great.

    I decided on the day that I turned fouteen that I would graduate high school
    before I was fifteen. I knew that Mojave was the place to do it! When you
    study at Mojave you "get it" the first time. There isn't the need to go over
    and over something. You just get it and you understand it right away. That
    really speeds things up. So I did it. I graduated just before I turned fifteen.

My life since then has been very rewarding! I am pursuing a career in acting and I have already had some professional modeling
jobs and have signed with a manager who is helping me find work. What I realized after having completed my schooling at Mojave
Academy is that
I CAN DO ANYTHING that I want to do. There is no limit. All doors are open. I have an unshakable self-confidence
because I know who I am.

Now that's an education that everyone should have!

C.G., age 16

To find out more about Mojave Academy call 1-800-576-3866 or you can visit our website by clicking here.
Ask about our limited enrollment the 2009-2010 school year.
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