The Monique

When you were born, with those short toes, you stood up with a grin.
Only hours old, you were a happy baby child ready for life
We took you home and you grew and you grew
Always beautiful and always charming, sometimes alarming.

I remember you when you had a crush on your sister’s boy friend!
You played around being charming and bumped your head.
You certainly learned and improved; more beautiful and able by the day.
I often failed to adequately admire and validate you when you did well.
Sometimes I just wasn’t there when I should have been.

When you were a child, we had our differences. I didn’t handle you well.
I know now you were doing things right, I didn’t understand back then.
Still you hung around and expressed love and affinity for me.
I’m so happy you did! As I grew up, I know I got better.

As time went on, you made many choices, I supported you then.
You were right! And took off to conquer life, you’ve done well.
Now you’ve created a life of your own, your family has grown!
It’s so important to me that you are happy and prosperous.
I’m so happy you have someone to be there with you when I can not.

A beautiful child, a stunning woman, full of confidence and poise,
You’re a tribute to life that you have done so well on your own.
My intentions were good. And I often did things right helping you.
I’m glad we grew up; that we
're still friends; I’m proud you’re my daughter.
I just wanted to tell you how special you are to me.

You have my love and respect forever, your friend I’ll always be.

Your Daddy

©2009 Carl Watts

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