As I look about my universe, I find several warm people I would like to mention and say thank you to for being here:

Marcy, the youngest and smallest (body), but a very large and grown up being, I look into her eyes and feel the life and
love there. So exciting and beautiful. Her potential has no end. Will she rule the  planet or the sector? Or just be a
wonderful daughter??? She helps and she plays. She learns and she grows. I know she is my friend.

Monique, yes the wonderful one. So grown up and smart. Her eyes sparkle with and intelligence. She learns so fast.
She dances and creates without reservations. She can go any place or do anything se desires. Will she be a princess
or a queen? She is already a royal person in my eyes. She will do well. I know I can always look to her for help and
support as the true friend she is.

Mitchell, soon to be perhaps the largest of my family. He was the first male. He is a very powerful being with excellent
observation and a funny sense of humor. When thing get rough, Mitchell always come through. When he looks at me
and grins, it fills my heart with warmth. Will he build a new civilization or create a new universe with different color suns
in each system? I do not know, but it is clear that he will grow and expand as a being. Our friendship will always be.

Next is
Melanie and Johnny. Mel, the beautiful. Mel is a delightful supporting daughter. She laughs and grins. I can
always tell when she is around. The area becomes more alive. She works hard and helps all she can. There isn’t a
better woman for a man. That brings me to Johnny. Together they have started a new life and are creating a new life
for the future. They laugh and love, a great pair. I am glad they are my friends and that they are always there.

Michelle and George, I can really say enough. Michelle has against the odds pushed herself up the bridge to OT! She
is smart and get what she wants. A player of games with a sparkling laughter. Oh she can snap and crack but she
would give you the shirt off her back to help. Her future is very bright especially when she married George. He brought
joy and future to her. Together they will help create a new world where good people can do well. I count myself wealthy
by having them as my friends.

Last but never last place or least in my eyes and heart is
LaVonne. She is a joy in the life of many. I gladly share her
with my friend and family. She has love and spirit equaled by none. Her wit and humor is light and high.  It flows with
cheer all through out the year. Thinking about her brings mist to the air or is it my eyes. I owe a lot to this lady. She is
the best friend I’ve ever had in all the centuries of my memory. She is able and kind. No better mother or wife there is or
ever was. I know. When life is upsetting, I can always count the love of my life to be there and help and understand.
She makes me strong. She helps me survive and does the laundry too. No more could be asked. I only desire to give
as much to her as she already has given to me and mine.

I love you all.

Your friend, dad and husband,

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"Art By Carl"
My Family December 24, 1990
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This brief note was written to my family on Christmas eve December 24, 1990. While a few circumstances have changed, the words I said
about my children and LaVonne are as true to day as they were 18 years ago. 11/30/08 Carl
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