My Philosophy*

In looking at my Questions of the Day page, I found over 50 questions that I
felt applied to my philosophy
. I've included these below my picture below.

Casually looking?

Do you see what is written? Are you willing to look, read and understand?

Do you agree to read more and make an effort to understand?

Most writers hope for your attention.

They assume you are willing to give it. I’m not assuming.

So, have you read what has been written so far? Will you read more?
Where will this go?

What are these words written upon? Can you see the print on the page or
the images on the screen?

Have I got your full attention?

If so, please continue.

Having gotten your attention,
how can I help you?

Perhaps you think “He can’t help me!”

Maybe you are right but I bet I can guide you to improve your life!

It is my firm belief that I can help anyone I consider worthy of being helped.

What do I want for helping you?

Good question!

To start, unless you just wish to return help to me, nothing! I feel I must earn
any exchange with, not with a pretense of help, but real help.

Then, I know that I will receive. It’s a law, if you outflow, you will inflow
maybe not the same but you will inflow.

You are a good person, doing the best you can.

Yes, you’ve done wrong, made mistakes. Well as a fellow earthling, so has
every other man that’s ever walked on the planet surface!  See related

Will you harm me or fail to help me? You can’t.

My help is given freely of my own choice.
I owe NO ONE!

Where I don’t gain in materials, I gain in beingness.

I am always happy to become stronger and more powerful, freer!

So, how can I help you? If you have no answer, come back in the future.
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Assistance or Help.

No man survives alone. We all rely on others to some degree. You might
read my article
New Civilization or AwesomeTeam Defined.

Do you know someone else that needs help?
Have them contact me. Carl

"GodFather Advice"
"Listen and Guide, Someone to."
"What I want to Accomplish"
"The Artist and Reality"

*beliefs, credo, convictions, ideology, ideas, thinking, notions, theories, doctrine  

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When I help someone, how have I benefited?
How can you tell the difference between pretended knowledge and real?
Is there someone you are having difficulty, need help with?
Do people sometimes distrust help?
If someone has knowledge, how irresponsible is it not to share?
How exact is your understanding of life?
Do you need ideas on how to help others?
Who is constantly pretending to know more than you?
Does someone with superior knowledge need to act superior?
Do some people think that knowledge is some kind of fakery that people
think that is?
Has today's populations been trained into stupidity?
Does watching/reading the "news" make you feel educated and confident?
What subject is most dangerous, how extensive is your knowledge about it?
When you're very knowledgeable about something how dangerous is it?
If knowledge is achieved through study, could study yield power?
If you are given knowledge, what will you use it for?
What do you want for your fellow man?
Can you create knowledge of you own, by yourself?
When I write  #KnowledgeIsPower!, is that being pompous?
Are your decisions based on first hand knowledge or opinions like
"everyone knows"?
Does school ever have education in mind, can the student apply
How does one with Great knowledge share it humbly?
If you're not getting results, do you really know?
Does the "need for self esteem" vanish with real knowledge, competence?
Would you share your knowledge and abilities to another civilization/world?
What knowledge transcends human experience, how do you know about it?
How much of your knowledge is false, based on lies?
Do you know someone who throws in big words, tries to make you feel
Should you be tolerant of stupidity in others, why or why not?
Could the "slow/stupid" student simply not know how to study?
If someone has been told he's dumb, stupid, could that effect hearing?
When you find someone with a fixed idea, how do you help them get over
that and see the actual truth?
How far can you help a person before the help becomes destructive or
What is wrong with telling people what to think or believe?
Why are other’s opinions of you ALWAYS at least slightly wrong?
Where can you go for practical information to help you live better, solve
Do you know people that do not help; people that always try to help?
Do you take great interest in other people?
Do you know people who are sympathetic/afraid to help?
Do you know how to help someone handle a problem?
What have you done lately to help you?
Sometimes helping you is too close, can you help Earth?
Are you helping your family?
What could you suggest we do to help Earth?
When you read helpful data, to you retweet it?
Is there an area of life you need to do more to help?
If you wish to help someone should you consider their environ?
What is the first step needed to help someone?
When attempting to help someone, should you form a group, them and you?
When attempting to help someone, should you maintain maximum
When attempting to help someone, should you tell them what to think?
When you do someone's thinking for them, does that inhibit their ability?
When helping someone, should you provide memories for them?
When helping should you also attend self to ensure you're not being pulled
Could you help something ever a tiny little bit?
Did you know you can help me?
Could you see how you could help me?
Could you do something to help yourself a tiny bit, like smiling?
Could you see how you could help #AwesomeTeam, RT?
Do you know I can help anyone I deem worthy?
Do you know you can get better?
Can your over helping cause upsets, why?
If you were to think positively, how could you help humanity?
Why can you not help all people, do some refuse to get better?
What if you knew how to help those that refused to get better, how?
What barriers do you have that prevent you from being helped?
How many people have you tried to help and failed, how many died?
Did you try to help the pet that died and failed to help?
Does extending trust to someone help them?
If you do things you don't like, can't stop, would you like help?
Why you fail to help someone, do you get upset?
How could not giving sympathy help someone?
Why, before I try to help someone, do I have to decide if I want them better?
Are you too busy worrying about others to help yourself?
Why do people need to be talked into being helped?
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