Naming the Ideal

Can you envision an ideal scene
A world as you’d truly like it
Can you imagine life without
Crime, drugs, war, insanity

If you can name what you want
You stand a chance of getting it
If you don’t know, which way do you turn
Not knowing, what do you do

Name what you want
Describe it well
Reach for the stars
Don’t settle for half empty

Can you envision world peace
What do you think would happen
If all men envisioned peace
Reality comes from yesterday’s visions

Yesterday, I decided to marry
Today, I’m happily married
I seek to write poems
To create good effects

This I decided in the past and do today
So make some wishes
Do some dreaming
Pray, if you will, it works

But set it down, what you really want
Then keep creating that image
Create that vision again and again
Create that reality amongst friends

Together we will change the earth
We can create a paradise for man
We only have to out create a few
The few criminals, the true insane

Here’s my vision
No crime, no drugs, no war, no insanity
Can you see it? It’s right there.
Let’s all agree and make it so.

If we do, that’s how it will go!
We’ll get what we envision
We’ll have what we imagine
In my vision, the future is bright

How about you
What do you see?
Wont you let me know what you envision
I want to agree and help make it real

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