Shamed drug researcher Dr. Reuben and
His many fabricated studies
Page created 3/15/09
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Dear NaturalNews readers,

We should all send a thank-you email to Dr. Scott Reuben, the shamed drug researcher who fabricated
twenty-one clinical trials published in peer-reviewed medical journals.

Why should we thank the man? Because through his arrogance and deceit, he has laid bare the truth about
drug companies, clinical trials, medical journals and the sham peer-review process that currently
masquerades as "science" in our modern society. All by himself, Dr. Reuben has brought more shame and
embarrassment to the drug industry than a thousand articles from outside observers like me.

And through his actions, what we've learned about the corrupt drug industry is quite is amazing: If one
doctor can literally fabricate a whopping twenty-one studies and have them all rubber-stamped by his
colleagues, his peers and the medical journals, then what does this say about the credibility of the whole
system? For any drug advocate to now claim anything resembling "evidence-based medicine," they will now
have to audit every single study published in every single medical journal or co-authored by every single
researcher who had anything at all to do with Dr. Reuben.

Today, we've published a list of studies authored (fabricated) by Dr. Scott Reuben. These were all
published in prominent medical journals. See the complete list yourself right here:

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On, I've just posted a new story about the ridiculous AIG bailout situation, where the AIG executives who
lost hundreds of billions of dollars -- necessitating $170 billion in bailout money -- are now receiving $165 million in bonus
money! And YOU (the taxpayers) get to foot the bill. Doesn't that just make you feel peachy? Read that story here:

Back on health topics, check out this story that dispels the cholesterol myth:

... and read this story to learn how the right vitamins prevent macular degeneration:

Live on Alex Jones show today: By the way, I'll be live on the Alex Jones show today (Monday) talking about influenza, bird flu
and dangerous bird flu
vaccines. You can listed in today or tomorrow (the archives) at  - Alex is an
intense guy who is incredibly passionate about topics like freedom and liberty, and his show is always informative (and
usually entertaining). The show is from 11am to 3pm CST. I'm not sure yet which hour I'll be joining...

Lots more news below...

P.S. Thank you all for your support of the
Health Revolution Petition! ( Signatures have
now exceeded 12,000. Please spread the word, as we need 100,000 signatures to take this to Washington D.C. and make
an impact regarding the health care reform debate.

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- Mike Adams
The Health Ranger
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