I believe that art is all about communication and that communicating beauty is more important than proving a point. I
prefer to paint things of joy and life which lift people up and enhance, rather than portray grim scenes to remind them
of what already overwhelms in every day life. I know from experience that the more attention you put on the good stuff
of life, the more power it has. I also count it as one of my greatest pleasures to see faces light up upon viewing my
paintings and with my portraits, hearing enthusiastic words such as, "You have captured the essence of my son's

Recently, a man saw one of my paintings hanging in a local shop and purchased it for his wife, claiming excitedly that she would absolutely love it. He
was to return later that day to pick it up. Before he did, his wife came into the shop on separate business, saw the same painting and fell completely
in love, telling the shop owner that she had to have it. When she was told that the painting had already been sold--the shop owner could not say to
whom--the distressed woman tried over bidding and after being declined still, was reduced almost to tears. Imagine her surprise and delight when it
came home to her that same night! This is why I paint, to lift the world up with my fellow artists.

In addition to original oil paintings, I am available for custom portraits in oil and pastel.

Natalie Crittenden
Natalie is a Founding Member of "HELP SAVE the WORLD"
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