New Civilization

    I would like to see a civilization without war, without crime, without
    insanity, without economic duress, without drugs, without hate and
    without a toxic environment.

    I want a place my grandchildren can grow up in safety and have a chance
    to live decent lives. I want all the children and grandchildren to have this
    chance on Earth.

    For this to happen, something must be done! Change, yes but true
    positive actions. Not political maneuvering where the government will
    solve man’s problems. The governments of the world have repeatedly
    proven they can not solve problems but only create more rules, laws,
    restrictions, taxes, bankrupt agencies and wars!

    I want to improve man’s chances of survival. The way I see it, the people
    that are calling the shots on Earth are pushing mankind down towards
    another dark ages.

    Today’s technology may continue to function (we will probably lose the
    internet as we know it today), human rights, freedoms of choice, health
    and happiness will probably vanish under the heel of the international
    bankers, the self proclaimed elites. Their intentions are to reduce the
    riffraff, the common man, that's you and me; to lower the population of
    Earth by various covert means.

    I would like to take whatever action I can, and with the help of many
    others, slow or stop this suppression of humanity! See related articles
    with a workable immediately doable action!: "Governments, Solution For!"
    and "Problem or Solution!"

    Man is strong and many.

    If we can work together and keep our spirits up we can stop the madness.
    Of course that is only my opinion.

    I do believe they are willing to use direct force but again, we are many.
    Excessive direct force, if the general population learns about could ruin
    their efforts.

    I believe their real efforts to win will be to demoralize us, put us under
    severe economic duress, starve us, to make us ill, and to poison/drug us.

    They will do this by poisoning our foods (chemical and GMO), waters
    (Fluoride, mercury and psych drugs), the very air we breathe (chemtrails)
    and direct medical/psychiatric drugging of the population mostly covertly
    through vaccines!

    Directly related article: ChemTrails, Radiation, Fluoride, Toxins...How To

    See my article: Conflicts on Earth!  Click here if video is blocking view :-)

    The video to the
    left is the exact
    opposite to my
    article Conflicts
    on Earth! Take a
    minute and
    watch!  :-)

    It's fun and simple


    First is to promote positive information on how to stay up toned
    emotionally and not become apathetic or depressed”. Specifically related
    article: Problem or Solution?

    Also see my articles "Who Has the Right to Insult You", "Instigators" and
    "Insults or Upsetting Communication."

    The simple video above and the video “Validation” (just below), if you
    follow them, would be an excellent start.

    Next is nutritional data.

    If people ate better, consumed supplements they would be healthier.
    Healthier people think clearer, they are more up toned emotionally.

    Since this article was originally written, Japan has had a nuclear incident!
    Part of nutritional data staying healthy is how to handle the radiation.

    We need to alert man about the direct deadly dangers of the poisons they
    are using to subdue the population.

Forming a group

The encouragement of others is important. The sharing of art, beauty, and cheer saves lives.

The people that reach this page are preselected. See
#AwesomeTeam Defined and #AwesomeTeam
Hope and Expansion! If you're still willing to help, read "How To Assist".

Next, having formed a group, we need to expand it to accomplish the goal at the top of this page.

At the very least use the hash marked term
#AwesomeTeam in all your tweets. See related article
POWER! Also see immediate solution: "Governments, Solution For!"

You haven’t given up. You are able, capable, enough to have a
computer and internet connection. You
are FAR above average.

Many people do not have these and are likely less informed, more likely to be sheeple. They are likely
to be living off government support, already enslaved to the system and down toned emotionally.

Emotionally low toned people reason poorly if at all. Only those that wish to do us harm will bother with
us at all. They will be easy to spot. What political party someone is in is no help in judging people.
Words are not safe either. The results of their words, their actions are what you evaluate them by. See
Ethical Activism vs Sheeple.

They will disagree, spread upset, lies, rumors and in any way slow or stop positive motions. See

So that leaves you and me and millions more like us who are trying to live a good life for themselves and
their families.

This is not a national matter. It is a planetary matter. Life on Earth is in danger. Mankind on Earth is
being attacked by evil men. See the video
"How To Take Back Our Country" all about international
bankers, Rothchild/Rockefeller/Bilderberg etc.


    This simple movie may not seem like much. But
    if you can recall a time someone was nice to
    you, perhaps you were nice to others all day
    long. They also may then have been nice to
    others and so the ripple of kindness spread out.
    It is possible that a single act of kindness, a
    single smile, could change the world.

    I agree that is optimistic. But what if a million
    people started validating others, like in the
    movie, every day? Perhaps mankind would be
    just that much saner, less likely to kill, rob, take
    drugs and so on.

Nice thing about this is the cost! It’s better than free because every time you make someone smile, a
little happier, you are happier too! You actually personally benefit! It’s like charity but you have an
unlimited amount of cheer to pass out! (For more uplifting videos, see "
Help Save the World")

I wrote an article since this one was written and it is a perfect addition.
"Find the Beauty" It's short but
gives you a little exercise that can help  you
"Find the Beauty" in people and things around you! Click to
read "Find the Beauty".

Basically you are good.

Sometimes we don’t act like ourselves. (See my article "
Insults or Upsetting Communication").

If you need help, there is a simple method you can use to reevaluate your life and break your
compulsions to treat your fellow man “the way he deserves to be treated”! Man doesn’t deserve to be
treated any way except with dignity and respect.

If he is acting less than sociable, it is because he has been victim of the same treatment he is dishing
out. Man, too, can
break these compulsion to be mean, harsh, cruel. But he will have to reach for it, be
willing to work on it a bit. More information available

See Related Article
YOU ARE RIGHT! Also see Twitter People are Far Above Average!

The Wrong Thing to Do is Nothing!

Click to view video and read transcript excerpted from lecture!


I have been studying nutrition for over a quarter of a century. I have been trained in
Response Testing.

There is a lot of false data out in the world with almost all of the lies spread by the pharmaceutical
industry. Not only do they lie and alter their studies about the poisons they pay the FDA to approve,
they lie about alternative, healthy solutions. They do not want man healthy! That would reduce profits.
Editorial, So You've Got a Medical Condition.

They do not want you taking supplements, that reduces the demand for very expensive drugs.

Big Pharma, CDC, AMA and the World Health Organization are very actively making progress to outlaw
all supplements and herbs. Research "Codex."

So I promote
nutritional data. I promote nutritional supplements. Where it’s available, I am an affiliate
and make a small percentage if people purchase. I am also a
trained health coach.

Should you choose to forward the nutritional data I post or any of my tweets, I would appreciate it.

I promote articles almost daily. Mike Adams gives nutritional information, alerts about
the medical, pharmaceutical industry, government agencies and much more.

I promote Dr. Mercola also is right in there promoting our rights and passing out high
quality information. Dr Mercola’s articles are generally more detailed.

Both, Dr Mercola and Mike Adams are excellent sources of information to alert mankind.

There are other groups that also provide vital information:

Electronic Foundation Frontier gives information about electronic rights, invasions of privacy. To my
knowledge, they are our front line defense to keep the Internet up and functioning.

There are many others and I personally support the ones I have listed here. As I get the links, I will
include more:
Organic Consumers Association, Cornucopia Institute, Pesticide Action Network, Farm-To-
Consumer Legal Defense Fund, Alliance For Natural Health. I am not an affiliate for any of the above.

To be part of the group!

It is simple. Refer people to this page. ReTweet my contents on Twitter: Share on Facebook! I don't
post often to Facebook. Your contribution is to spread the contents as far and wide as you can!
Perhaps if enough of us do this, we can make a difference. *

Read my articles:  
Governments, Solution For!  #AwesomeTeam Defined,  #AwesomeTeam Hope and
Expansion ,Alerting People Beyond AwesomeTeam, and POWER!

You can post to multiple social networks at the same time. See
Twitter Tips.

I know you're weary, perhaps think it will not make a difference, that is the product they are going for,
people who will not act. So while you have the willpower left, hit that RT or Share button again and

If you're on Twitter, follow me, I'll follow you back

Please follow @MaryHWatts as a back up to my account!

Use this phrase with the hash-marked term

#FollowFriday is a game played on Twitter. I play this game to help make myself known to get new
followers and to promote others.

Playing games, doing the same things as others, helps to create a group or a team. By promoting my
followers on
#FollowFriday, I help make them known. I put their names in front of the rest of my
followers. Hopefully, they will get new followers based on my recommendation of them each Friday.

This is all part of
How I use Twitter & Why. More communications is better on this small planet. The
bigger you get, the better you're known, the more impact you can have on mankind when you share
truth, goodwill, information, cheer and hope! Use this phrase with the hash-marked term

. See related article Power!

Groups that can and will help:

If you need physical help now contact the They are world wide and show up at
the disasters when help is needed in their yellow shirts! I am a trained Volunteer Minister.

If you need true workable drug information contact
Foundation For A Drug-Free World.

If you know someone who is addicted, contact
NARCONON Treatment That Works (drug free
successful rehabilitation that works)!

If life is getting you down, contact
The Way To Happiness!

Find out your human rights, contact
The Youth for Human Rights!

I personally endorse and support the above groups as groups operating SUCCESSFULLY to help

I have a page on
"Assistance or Help" to read!

I have a page
“Problem Solving”. Check out some of my successes, click here.

I am a
Certified Health Coach  and trained to do Nutrition Response Testing. I can assist those that
want to change their health.
Contact me.

I hope you have found this helpful! Don't be shy, hit the donate button.

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Find the Beauty
What is Scientology?

*Antagonist followers are blocked. Perverts, hypnotist, psych of all types are blocked. They are working
to destroy themselves and our civilization.

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