Bodies are funny. You never know what will cause what to happen.

About a week ago I developed some back pain upper right around the

Interesting it was connected with an old bump on my head. I've bumped my
head pretty hard many times over the years.

In testing, the same supplements needed to handle the "charge" still in my
head also handled the back pain.

Except the supplements didn't work and the pain
continued to worsen!

That told me there was something else going on.

So I went back to my chiropractor and had him check for stressors
(something that creates stress on a body like insecticides, heavy metals etc).
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Nutrition Response Testing.

He found I had a food allergies.

I knew in the past I've been allergic to wheat and peanuts.

He tested me and I still am allergic to peanuts but not to wheat (I still don't eat
because it is not human food).

Further, he found I was allergic to "nightshades".


    Nightshades are
    a family of foods:
    pepper bell and
    hot and eggplant
    etc. (Black and
    white pepper are
    not in the
    family) Additional
    data on this
    article: Natural
    Treatments for
    Arthritis. (Either
    search page or
    scroll down as it
    is about half way
    down in the

    The week
    before, I made
    eggplant pizza. It
    was very tasty
    and I ate a lot!

We had organic produce delivered with several sweet peppers and tomatoes.
So I've been making salads with tomatoes and sweet peppers and eating
them a lot!

Nightshades are often closely associated with chronic pains. Related article:
Are nightshades
causing your arthritis, chronic pain and inflammation?

The moral of the story is I will be avoiding nightshades until further notice.

Still More!

So I did cut out all nightshade veggies.

I still didn't get better.

I had Mary Test Me!

, my wife, is trained in Nutrition Response Testing. We have a full set of
test kits.

I thought of two things that were recent changes.

I had been eating a lot of pistachios. I had her test me. They were creating a
negative effect on my body.

They were not organic so I'm assuming there was pesticide on the shells. I
threw them all out.

The next thing was my elbow was a bit irritated. Recently I had purchased
some new cushions for the arm rest.

I had Mary test me sitting in my chair with a cloth over the arm rest. I was

I removed the cloth and she tested me again. Suddenly, when in contact with
the synthetic fabric, I was weak. I threw those out.

The Pain Shifted!

The pain had been in the back of the right shoulder and it shifted to under the
right arm.

So I went back to my Chiropractor. He did further testing and found my lymph
system was not working right.

He took a few minutes to "reset" the lymph system. Suddenly I was strong
again. I also got supplements to strengthen the lymph system.

With in 24 hours, the pain was gone.


Handling a body requires knowledge. I kept pushing to find out why my body
was not recovering. It took several visits to the Chiropractor, my wife's help
and my persistence to handle the problem.

By the way, I'm no longer allergic to Nightshades!

I can not recommend
Nutrition Response Testing enough!

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I'm out of tomatoes!
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