Nutrition Response Testing Success

"About 6 months ago I decided to do the Ulan Nutritional System .... I had heard of excellent results with this program. As I
am getting older and for the first time in my life was having trouble taking off weight, I wanted to “tune-up” the body.

"We found that I had a very high level of mercury which can cause numerous difficulties including in losing weight. The
program I am on is very easy to do and I am feeling more and more energetic every day. My mercury level is now down to
zero. I can feel that my body is actually getting younger. I wake up in the morning and hop out of bed and start moving fast
and continue moving fast all day.  I need one hour a night less sleep and sleep very well. My body is very agile and I
quickly run upstairs. I had some stiffness in my knees which I did not even realize until it was gone.

"Where I notice the increased energy level the most is when I look at something that needs to be done and I just do
it then and there very quickly where before I would note it to be done sometime in the future. I recall in my youth
operating this way and I am thrilled to have this method of operation back. I get a lot more done. As production is
the basis of moral, this is great for my moral. Also, I have lost 13 pounds.

"My nutritionist, Mary Watts, is a delight to work with and has done a great job on directing my program ....

"I am really happy that Freddie Ulan developed this system so that people like me can get these kinds of results.

Mary Heldt


You have my permission to publish this.  Mary Heldt

As many of you may know Mary Watts is my wife!
Check out the seminar Mary and I did in November 2007.

Click here for a list of other Doctors in the LA Area.

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