Open letter to:
Woman's Day Magazine and Martha Stewart Living Magazine

I emailed the following letter to these magazines.

I received a response from Martha Stewart's people immediately that the communication would be forwarded.

As of today, 6/29/10, I have received no further response from either publication. Read my letter and draw your own conclusions.

    Martha Stewart Living                                25 June 2010
    601 West 26th St
    NY, NY 10001      

    Woman's Daydream
    1633 Broadway
    NY, NY 10019      

    Dear People,

    My wife, Mary Andrews now Mary Watts, apparently has subscriptions to your magazines as they keep arriving. Hence I look at
    them from time to time.

    Martha Stewarts Living was full of interesting data. (July 2010 #200)

    However I did notice some ugliness on the pages within. Drug ads.

    I'm not going to defend the accuracy of my count but I found five pages of drug promotion. My wife mentioned that there used to be
    none, no drug ads. But apparently you have succumbed to promoting non-survival entities: big pharmaceuticals. The money is not
    worth it.

    However, to your credit, I found that you only had 3% of your 160 pages, one fifth of the number that Woman's Day has!

    Personally, I would request you drop this to zero. Our nation does not need drugs pushed at everyone from every angle and
    especially by someone that represents goodness.

    Woman's Day July 2010 Vol 73 issue 11.

    I would suggest you change your title “Woman's Day Live Well Every Day” to “Woman's Day Live Well with Drugs”

    Of you 154 pages 16.5% were drug pushing pages. My wife will be canceling her subscription as supporting you is supporting big

    I will be posting this letter on my website and promoting it to over 28,000 potential viewers.

    Drugs should not be promoted as a way of life.

    Drugs are poisons. A little bit stimulates, more sedates and more kills.

    Drugs are a way of Death and suffering.

    Drug companies do not promote their products honestly and actively suppress healthy solutions.

    So you may take whatever action that your conscious guides you to do or of course, do nothing.

    You know that the big push now is to drug infants, children? Younger and younger, this creates dependent customers for life.

    Your children and grandchildren will be living in this world for a long time. What kind of drug culture are YOU creating, promoting,
    making look glamorous?

    Have a great day and consider the future,

    Carl Watts
    PO Box 285
    Tujunga, CA 91043

7/13/10 The Magazines responses.
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