Woman's Day Magazine and Martha Stewart Living Magazine

On 6/29/10, I emailed letters to these magazines: Martha Steward Living and Woman's Daydream

I received a form letter response from Martha Stewart's people immediately that the communication would be
Nothing else.

Today, 7/13/10, Woman's Daydream resent me the July addition of the magazine as well as more copies May and
June additions.

Apparently they miss read my communication and thought I wanted more scrap paper!

So it appears that neither magazine cared what their customers think if it means loss of
advertising income!

Perhaps I'm wrong. Perhaps I'll still get a response.

But the moral of this story is big pharma is pushing drugs at you from every direction on every channel they can

While you may thinks living a life under the effect of drugs is okay,
what about your children and

Should they expect to spend their lives on drugs, lessening their enjoyment of life?

If you and everyone else continues to support the media that promote drugs constantly, the children will grow up into
a world where they have no choice other than a life on drugs thanks to the constant promotional actions of big
pharma and drugs paid for by obama care. They will be druggies! And you created the reality!

Cancel your magazines and write them telling them why.

Cancel your newspapers and tell them why.

Don't listen or watch drug promotion channels. Write them and tell them why.

You children, grandchildren, will benefit from your integrity and from you doing something as opposed to nothing!

Have a great day!


PS: to be fair, I sent the following data via email today to both magazines:
Here's the letter I emailed you that is posted on my website
Here's the results to the letters:
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