Pergola under construction San Dimas Ca. Constructed by Brandon and Carl
This is Brandon sitting
on the beams that will
provide the shade.
Below is Brandon
standing next to the
structure. The 6x6 post
are supporting 12x6
overhead main beams!

It was a challenge to get
the several hundred
pound 26 foot long 12x6
main beam up on the
post! Brandon and Carl
handled it without
mechanical aids!
To the left, Brandon is cleaning up at the end
of the second day. You can see some of the
shade beams are up. You can also see the
beautiful blue SoCal Sky.

The stone work was done by
Pacific Paving
Stone! They are excellent, top quality!

See what else Brandon and I do under
Handyman Services!

This project was done with my son,
Watts, a licensed General Contractor!
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