Snow Driven 7/26/09
Time of Change 7/26/09
Roles in the Game 7/26/09
We've Been Lied To! 6/27/09
The Day I Looked 6/26/09
Limitation by Confrontation 6/24/09
The Juggler 6/19/09
Face 6/17/09
Who Am I 6/9/09
True to Self 6/9/09
The Ability to Create an Illusion 5/29/09
Naming the Ideal 4/19/09
The Beauty of Life 4/17/09
Strong Interest 4/17/09
The Secret Way 4/17/09
Three Wishes 4/17/09
New Life 4/3/09
Forest Life 3/21/09
Immortality 3/14/09
Rejoining Life 3/14/09
Glimpses of Greatness 3/14/09
Separation From Life 3/14/09
Freedom for Friends 3/14/09.
Reality Check, Tired of Space 3/13/09
Paving Beauty 3/13/09
Doubts 3/3/09
Sierra 2/26/09
Clearwater 2/23/09
Awe 2/13/09
War Child 2/10/09
The Idea of Nothing 2/8/09
The Most Dedicated Group 2/6/09
Music and Beauty 2/6/09
Simplicity, Let's Pretend 2/6/09
Galaxy 2/6/09
Evergreen 2/6/09
Spirit Mug Shot 2/6/09
River Perceptions 2/6/09
Hope for a Spouse 2/6/09 1st in the series
Men and Women 2/6/09 2nd in the series
Husband and Wife 2/6/09 3rd in the series
Art Day 2/3/09.
The Death of the Psychs 12/13/10
Looking at Life Behind the Eye of the Universe
Waiting on the Rain 2/04/11
Against Time 2/12/11
Nights Illusion 2/22/11
Looking back 4/1/11
Dark Days End 4/28/11
Imagine Japan Sunny Safe Again 5/19/11
Truth 6/10/11
Twitter Universe 6/11/11
DayDreaming-Young Girl 020211
Sleeping Blond 2/12/12
Kinder Day 4/21/12
How to Survive Force 4/21/12
Winter's Night  4/23/12
I'm Sexy and I know It! 4/30/12
Mirror Looking Back 4/30/12
Weed 061812
Immortality, Life is Grand!
Supernova 060914
Safety 070614

Poetry by @Poet_Carl_Watts
I can create for you or your business!
Page created 1/10/09 modified
1/11/09, 1/12/09, 1/18/09, as dated,
In August 2010, I started a new category of poetry: "Twitter Verse" These are
short verses created for the limited space on
Twitter. Click here to view and

In January 2009, I issued a challenge to a large group to give me subjects to
help me in my creation of poetry. I was given some suggestions. With very little
data, I took their ideas, situations and items and created unique personalized
poems for their enjoyment.

The following are the some of the poems written on their topics and what a few
people said about them:

Life, What a Marvelous Game!" Beautiful!!! RS

"A Contrast of Night and Day" I was laughing out loud about that line, "planets
left in slime." Also "they slither through time," and "the kindling is sparking."  FW

"Dare to Be Theta" Wow Carl,Thank you, I am wiping the tears away still, lots of
truth in this poem. And its very beautiful poetry. Talks to me big time, all with
one sentence from me, you are an incredible poet!!! Even sent a copy to the
other, who has been out of communication for 4 months now. As I cover all,
including our daughter, alone....but I am doing it......Maybe the blade of
aesthetics will cut through the stone, it is a very powerful blade, I say. Thank
you. I am sure as I read this beautiful poem over and over, the tears will finish
and then it will be better for you having written this very hitting home piece. ML,

Who is This Man?" Brilliant!!! So captures the spirit of our beloved DR. RON

Past, Present, and Future" Thank you Carl, and very well said. PM

"Aurora" OMG!!! OMG!!! It is FANTASTIC!!!  I LOVE it!! In fact, I might have it
put to music!  I can totally use it in either form. I'll be sure to send you the link to
the completed movie.... It's just PERFECT!! You got the tone and humor
EXACTLY right!  Amazing!! Thanks SO SO much!  I can't thank you enough.  I
was planning on giving you a credit at the end of the movie... Again, amazing
and thanks! LP

"The Man and Life" This one was written for my wife of 32 years who is now
deceased. (I am happily remarried.)

"Marcy" written to my youngest daughter, Marcy Eiben!

Monique" written to my next to the youngest daughter, Monique Nolan!

Don't neglect them a second longer! You don't need to! I'll create you a work of
art that will amaze them and you! Get your unique beautiful gift created for the
person you respect and love right now!

I can also
post your poem that I write or a poem of your creation or from a
different source
on my site if you like. With this feature you can have a favorite
song put on your page. Imagine how impressed they will be. It can be your
special page with the poem I write or your own!

Contact me! Or call me 818-400-2035. Carl  the Poet

On a different note, writing the poem "Untying of Attention Units" and
Paving Beauty" were difficult because they are subject specific. I feel my
poems must align with truth. These poems did. I pulled it off in an artistic
manner and have gotten very good reviews. If anyone has a
business and
would like a poem custom written for your
industry or business, contact me.
Let me know if I can be of assistance to you in any manner!
Articles, information by @Poet_Carl_Watts  #KnowledgeIsPower! #AwesomeTeam
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