Promoting The End of the World, The Action of

I was thinking about a subject that my has been attention on: The people who
were promoting the end of the world was coming.

Now before I get started, I really don't know anything about who was doing
this. I basically ignored them and any talk of the idea. The reason I have any
knowledge at all is the late night talk show hosts, my favorite, Jay Leno and
others, kept talking about how the end of the world didn't show up as
scheduled. They kept joking about it.

That was about two weeks ago, so at this late day, I'm going to give my
editorial opinion about ANYONE and EVERYONE that goes to great lengths to
claim the world is going to end.

My theory about this type people is they are probably insane and most are
probably on regular psychiatric treatment which means drugged!

Now I don't know who these righteous folk are so none should take my
generalized opinions personally. I am sure this doesn't apply to them
personally. But if the shoe fits, I guess they'll have to wear it but not because I
put the shoe on them!

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It could be part of the conspiracy to subjugate mankind.

If you can drive man to apathy, “what's the use, the world is ending,” he is less
likely to complain about losing his rights.

In apathy, he is less likely to demand his rights! He is less likely to write the
corrupt officials stealing him blind or to file a law suit for the swat team
breaking down his door and violating his constitutional rights.

Man will ignore the cops shooting a car full of holes and then threatening
bystanders who filmed their crimes! Man will accept and tolerate the stream of
“official lies” how nothing is wrong or illegal about their conduct.

Perhaps it's not part of a conspiracy to subjugate.

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A Distraction

At the very least, tales of the world ending distract people for looking at the
rest of our situation.

Upset, afraid, people do not see well nor do they think clearly.

Certainly the media works around the clock to distract and upset humanity so
that war can be continued!

Could it be only to an attempt to convert the masses to
their religious views?

The conversion of masses to their religion hopefully will fill the coffers with
your wealth. Why not, the world is coming to an end? You won't need it!

Thought personally, I feel that conversion based on lies is not an ethical
method of convincing people you intend to help them in some fashion.

Or maybe the promoters of doom, in their delusions, think that driving man into
apathy is somehow good for him? No that is just too stupid to give any credit


Can you think of any other scenario?

What other scenario could someone have to promote a hoax? As it didn't
happen, it was a hoax? Okay, perhaps it was a mistake on the date...?

So regardless of “reasoning,” it was an evil action in my humble opinion.

Now I'm not talking about the well intended honest people who are sane and
wanted to warn mankind, I'm talking about the rest of the wackos!

I'm sure this type talk didn't upset my followers as they are above intelligence
but I bet some of their friends should have this information. Those friends
might get upset! See related article
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There will be another tale of doom of some sort
happening shortly.

The next made up “pandemic,” the next food shortage panic, or radiations will
kill all life, etc will be all over the news.

Some of it will may be somewhat true. But you can be fully guaranteed that if
it's in the media or even on the internet, it's normally been worsened many
times over than it really is.

For me, life on earth is not going to end. For you, life on
earth will not end.

The psychos of the planet will not kill us all, they are cowards and know, even
in their insanity, they need someone to feed them.

I'm betting I am correct because the alternative is just what the psychos are
wanting "an apathetic population at their disposal" and something to be
disposed of!

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