Promoting What You Dislike?

Many times, I see people actually promoting things they dislike.

Items, ideas, actions which are bad have no power or appeal to the majority
of the people. Only a few, the insane, like or support non-survival, bad ideas
and actions.


Cancer is a symptom of bad health. Cancer is the result of a poor life style.
Cancer comes about when you do not eat food that nourishes your body.
Cancer comes about when you consume toxic "food like" items designed to
taste good.

Cancer also comes about when you have the above coupled with a few
"toxic" people around you.  Toxic people are negative and actively seek to
see you and others doing poorly, ill and dead.  An example is a drug dealer
who sells you toxic drugs that addict you and keep you down. Drug dealers
can be on the street corners or in fancy medical offices.
Formal degrees in
do not change the true title of "Drug Dealer"!

Yet all the time, you see people promoting cancer awareness. This
awareness gets people to be "tested" and treated early.  Cancer rarely kills.
Treatment almost always
kills faster. Treatment certainly damages the body
so that cancer will come back and then the cancer or treatment will normally
kill the body.

But people promote cancer and deadly treatment all the time.

Is this just a coincident? NO! The cancer industry is a huge cash cow for the
pharmaceutical industry and the medical industry.

Another example:

Accident Prevention Campaigns. People worry so much about accidents that
they continually have them. It is very simple. Where you put your energy, your
attention, you get results. Focus on accidents and you have accidents.

Focus on getting the job done, and you get the job done.

Proper Focus

I have a quote which is "Where I am, problems solve, areas calm, sanity

As I have observed this to be true, I promote my ability to accomplish good.

I do not promote that people have problems they have difficulty solving. That
would be focusing on problems.

I do not promote how confused areas and situations often are. The media
does that. That is focusing on confusions.

I do not promote the insanities in the world. The media does that. That is
focusing on insanity.

The media wants confusion and insanity. The media wants fear, danger,
death, horror and turmoil!

What do you want?


An old saying goes something like: If you don't have something positive, don't
say anything.

Certainly don't put your cancer story or your failures in life in your bio.

Routinely I say #EverythinWill_B_OK! I believe that is true!

Also, “A person is only as valuable as he aids others in their games of
survival!” Quoting myself :-)

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