Real Ground Zero

Awareness, I am.
Back up a step, nothing behind me.
I am.
Go forward a step
I am me.
How do I know?
I say so!
What do others say?
What others?
Do others know I am?
They do if I say so.
Where did it go astray?
When I wanted what others say.
Soon, what I say wasnʼt said.
I was convinced.

How to get it back on track?
Give back my license to survive.
Say I am me.
Say I am.
I am. No need to say, speak or do.
No need for others.
Learn from what I did.
Enjoy creating effects.
Just me, I am.
Back to ground zero, I am.

The Poet.

©2009 Carl Watts
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Page created 1/31/09
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