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Reality Check Beams of Light

Very quiets for such a large ship, no movement seen
Normal sounds of functions, quiet after they boarded
Fighting sounds mostly stopped, still alive I waited
No help to be found, still I hoped to avoid certain death

I heard covert movement about, beams of light flashed
Back and forth the beams went, barely missed hitting me
The enemy troops moved away, a few minutes I had gained
The ship was lost, all my friends probably lay dead
Luck had been mine, for precious moments I’d stayed alive

The lights flashed again and again, a beam grazed my shoulder
Random firing, I tried to be silent as I fell to the deck
The next flash of light, really bright, was my last sight.
Disposal was common. Push the enemy out the airlock.
Dead or alive, it didn’t matter, deep space burial ends it all.
It’s cold and quiet and never ends…….

I noticed I was cold and pulled the blankets up to my chin.
Ah, there was the lightening outside again.
Seems the flash has turned on a dream.
Waking up and seeing my room turned it off.

That’s why I sleep with a light on.
I do this so I can perform a reality check whenever needed.
Like tonight, a reality check was done to end a dream.

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