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Reality Check Dreaming

My attention was suddenly frozen, fixed
An angry man in rapid motion with a gun
Viciously holding it to another’s head
Clearly someone was about to be dead

The scene changed with a quick flick
A spirit floating near by, confused and dazed
I say, what are you doing, where are you going?
He noticed my attention. A spark of relief,
He answers. A new life I’m starting today.

I wondered if the man with the gun had fired.
I wondered, the spirit, if his body had just died.
I looked around and saw nothing on the ground.
The spirit was gone. I was alone, drifting in space.

I wondered about the unreal dream situation.
Where did these dreams come from?
Would these nightmares never end?
Of course when I protest the dream pictures,
Always, I rejoin the body and it wakes up.

I just have to do a little reality check now and then.
Dreaming can be fun if the bad dreams go away.
I’m thinking about erasing all of them.
What’s your delight? Get rid of them?
Or dream for you another night?

©2009 Carl Watts

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