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Reality Check Make-Up

It was cold, a funny smell was in the air
Looking up, I found myself just laying there
Conversation discouraged, nothing said
Laying on a cold slap, feeling like the dead

That couldn’t be right, there was plenty bright light
There was man overhead, applying make-up in the night
I wanted to ask a question, my face felt stiff
What was he doing, my expression I tried to shift

To no avail were my efforts to wail; only silence came
I wanted to ask the man overhead, do you have a name
What the hell is happening, I can’t move I tried to shout
The man left from overhead, and suddenly, the lights went out

That reminded me of the end, I had died last night
I had been in the saloon, some man started a fight
I went to leave, to go home, suddenly the lights went dim
In the fighting and yelling, I heard them say, kill him

That was when the lights went out last night during the fight
Until the man appeared overhead applying make-up to my face

I get upset; I disagree with the out-come of these dreams
Disagreeing brings me back to present time it seems
Cautiously I opened my eyes, I need to see if I’m home for real
Relief! It’s always good to be home, not stuck in the surreal

Seeing my room is a good reality check for me
It wakes me up. Sensing the lingering smell of formaldehyde
Smelling the greasy make-up, gives me cold chills
Until I remember, it was only a dream. Or was it?

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