Reality, What You See?

When you hold up your hand, what do you see?

The common answer is a hand. But that is wrong!

What you see is one side of a hand.

In the movies or on television, you see buildings? Or are you seeing a facade?

So how “real” are those building?

Special Effects

We are all familiar with Special Effects. They allow the creation of some
awesome movies! I personally loved Avatar!

But Special Effects do not create reality. Special Effects creates illusions.

What is “Reality”?

It's simple. I see the chair, you see the chair. The chair is real and that's
reality. Reality is agreement! It is as plain and simple as that.

People we label “insane” see things we don't see. We do not share their
reality and judge them insane.

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BUT What If?

What if some people really can see things we can't see? Who is really “sane”

Reality depends on agreement and what the majority see or don't see is realty
and sanity!

A person, with a very strong personal viewpoint, might see things others don't
see and not mention it. He might suspect others are not as perceptive as he
is! He's right!

Governments can not see the people as humans with families. They see
masses needing to be controlled because they are evil and destructive!

Governments, all as far as I know of, are insane.

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Back to YOU!

Do you follow behind big trucks so close you can't see around them? What is
your reality on traffic?

To understand reality, you have to view it or otherwise perceive it!

Following too close to a big vehicle, blocks your view, prevents your ability to
predict and leaves your face on the backside of the truck!

Government, How Real is it to You?

Can you see the government? Are you in communication with government?

This unreal machine is making decisions that will forever impact you and your

You certainly are at effect of their actions!

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Increasing Reality

How do you increase reality?

In some way, you have to increase your perception of the physical universe.
You can do this by touching, by hearing, by smelling, by seeing. You increase
your communication!

You can also just know! If you are in good condition as a being, you can
create reality that will be real for you and for others.

When you walk do you look down and see nothing or do you look up and

Expanding Your Universe

Your universe is as restricted as you are looking in. Your universe is as
expansive as you are looking out!

Do you want to be more at cause, look out. A simple way to be at cause is to
communicate with others!

If you are just receiving communication, you are at effect!

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If you need help with reality, contact me. You will find I am real, I guarantee

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