A Reason For Everything?                           02/15/2014

I have heard “Everything happens for a reason” or "There is a reason for
everything!"  Is that true?

When you find a twenty dollar bill on the ground, what is the reason it is there?

Someone else didn't need or want the twenty dollars? When was the last time
you tossed a twenty dollar bill on the ground and left it intentionally?

You Deserved It

You found the twenty dollars and you needed it. Did you deserve it? What did
you do to earn it?

What was the reason you deserved it?

When I look at that line of reasoning, I don't see any reason. I see someone
else suffered a loss.

You Missed the Flight

What was the reason you missed the flight? Did you want to miss it? Did you
plant a bomb in your luggage? Did you just failed to plan and be organized
enough to make the flight?

There is another possibility, God or Lady Luck was not looking out for you. I
can't say that isn't true but I've found that where I relied on anything besides
myself to protect me, I have goofed.

The only Force I can count on is myself, family, friends but mostly myself!
Perhaps for you this is not true.

I don't find anything else. Is there something else there? Perhaps, I reserve

The Earth Quake in 1996

What was the reason for that? Billions of dollars in property damage and many
lives were lost.

Do you think there was a reason for that action? I do, there are planetary
forces moving per the physical laws we agreed upon.

I guess that you could say it was the will of some force that caused it but why?

In the Big Picture

Planets circle suns. There are specific physical universe laws that govern this.

Water flows down hill for similar reason, physical universe laws.

Many things are caused. Man causes things to happen.

Often, there seems to be no reason for man's actions.

Illogic Enters

There are whole industries that operate illogically, #GMOs for example. Would
you poison humanity, all life and the planet too?

What is the reason for that? Profits are the reason, but that is no valid reason.

There is no force that makes killing off life reasonable. Insanity is not a reason.

Lets Not Neglect Religion

Through out history, man has relied on Gods to guide him and help him.  

Many times, I've heard "Thank God" or "God Darned it!" I haven't observed
either of those invocations creating lasting physical universe effects. Though it
seems to create some effects on the person saying it and perhaps on
someone over hearing.

There are Gods. Is there a single superior God, there is if you say there is.

Man has abilities. These are God given and God like.

Denial of God is insanity. Denial of God is also a denial of self at the same

Is there a reason for everything? Yes, if you say so.

If you say no, then that is the way it is.

It is up to you to observe and to decide.

Do you have suggestions for a “How To” article? Let me know :-)

GodFather Advice"
Listen and Guide, Someone to.

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