This is a short fiction story. Well, most of it is fiction but some is gruesomely true. The
future will come to pass I can guarantee this.  I hope you enjoy!

Recent History on Earth

A long time ago, I arrived with a splash in the Pacific Ocean.  I didn’t know
then that it was the Pacific Ocean as I was confused and stunned.

Last I recalled, I was on a warm planet doing my job. I guess I just should
have kept my opinions of the government to myself.


I recalled, I was on the way home and the Secret Police beamed me with a
ray and next I knew I’m in the ocean, the Pacific Ocean, on a small out of the
way planet.

The residents here are a rather backward group that are called Homo Saps
and they call the planet Earth.

Looking back, I realize, as a spirit, I’d been injected into an ice cube,
transported to Earth.

The Secret Police then flew over the Pacific Ocean and dumped all the
trouble makers from their planet there.

Earth was a prison planet for the misfits and trouble makers.

I found myself an out cast on a prison planet. My family was gone and I was

The fact that I was able to figure this out, put me ahead of most of the people
dumped here.

How did you get here?

A Million Years Later

I’m going to skip many million of years to come near to present time as this is
my recent history on Earth

So, I’ll proceed on with my story.

I found that the planet was controlled by an old invader group that was still
functioning from the fourth planet, Mars.

They have lost their space flight capabilities around 1100 AD but still are
operating mind control to keep the planet’s population under control.

Why they felt they needed to do this is still a mystery to me.

Their commands and compulsions were strong but I found not strong enough
to get me to be there and go effect of their mind altering operation.

Reporting In

Earthlings spiritually report to Mars after death to have their memory wiped
clean and new commands to fail installed before they started their next life
cycle here.

So not having my memory wiped out after each body life time, allowed me to
accumulate a lot of contacts and influence amongst many influential people
in commerce, finance and governments.

Religion was the only strong force that was not open to influence as they
already had the answers, they thought. They were also vicious against any
who would offer help to others.

Like Kind

So to be most effective, I sought out others that were immune to the mind
control of the Martian forces. There weren’t many. Most of those had not
figured things out but all were powerful beings and had influence.

I let them know about the Mars station and that we had to figure out how to
stop the Invader force there from continuing to degrade the population.

We figured out that they had been using thought control for so long that
based on the laws of flows in the physical universe, the flows would be easy
to simply reverse. And we could use the thought control on them.

Reversing The Flow

So we tried this and gave them the suggestion that their work was done and
to abandon further efforts.

They thought they had come up with the idea themselves.

They scrapped the installation and went about their unhappy lives. This was
around 1500 AD.

After this, we affected a good control of the development of Earth. We started
the Renaissance and the Industrial Revolution.


But we were not unopposed. There were on Earth those that were too far
gone down hill into insanity and degradation.

These insane criminals were the true enemies of all mankind. They were
only interested in control by domination and destruction. They did not care
who got hurt or what the cost.

Hence the on-going wars, drugs, “mental health” and corruption.

Criminal Psychs Exposed

But as we entered the twenty-first century, the “mental health” people were
being recognized as being true criminals and their direct connection to the
manufacture and distribution drugs was being exposed. They were being
caught in their lies. They were being jailed in record numbers. The psychs
were a dying breed.

But, the wars took longer as America, the leader of the planet, allowed
insane men, puppets of the “mental health criminals,” to take over the
country and they use war and terrorism to create the urgency to have more
control, secrecy and weapons. That took much more work.  

The Future

So what we decided to do was to take them out of the game.

We set out to further expose the puppet masters and their crimes. The
politicians usually weren’t truly bad, just stupid. They let themselves come
under the influence of the “mental health” people, the psychs, the true

Each politician had a psychologist or psychiatrists behind them in the
shadows. Most were being drugged and hypnotized by their psych handlers.  

We investigated each psych and found crimes by them on their taxes, on
their female patients, on the males too, and on the drugs they passed out like
candy. We started with the top dogs and they were dogs that gave the
canine species a bad name.

One by one, they were arrested.

Once their influence was removed, the politician started acting with some
reason and some sanity.

We didn’t look for an over night change.

The Biggest Criminals

But as we removed more and more of the criminals, the politicians came
around. Those that didn’t were investigated and they were found without
exception to each be criminals themselves. They were removed.

This project took years but after it, America became peaceful. The
international wars lessened as the process needed to be repeated in other
nations. But the pattern of sanity had been set in America. The strong hold of
the psyches had been broken.

Earth was moving towards a golden age once more.

My group felt that we were well on our way realizing an environment where
man and ourselves could flourish and prosper.

Follow the Money

Next we looked at who was profiting from the on going conflicts in the
Middles East. Interestingly, it turned out to be the oil companies of the world.
These companies were controlled by a few men.

All were investigated and found to be criminals. Arrested and removed. This
was difficult as they had so much money and influence. But it was done.

We investigated the oil czar's other businesses and found them to be
controlling weapons, banking, big farms, chemicals, and drugs.


I guess when you’re insane, profiting at the cost of other humans suffering
and dying is somehow alright, or at least the insane see it this way.

Once the dozen top criminals were taken out, Earth settled down.

There were still minor problems but those were handled by actual

Now that Earth is being a bit sane, I guess next we’ll introduce true space
flight and let man spread back to the stars.

The End.

Stories by Carl.

©2008-2013  by Carl Watts/ edited 11/19/08, 12/3/08 030913

Articles, information by @Poet_Carl_Watts  #KnowledgeIsPower! #AwesomeTeam
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