The below pictures show thin boards that were left over from another job. In the first picture, you
can see square holes. This is because the board were tongue and groove flooring material and all
the scrap had grooves. I decided to glue them together which you can see in the second shot. The
third shot is with trim added and shows the bottom. The fourth picture shows the top. This tray is
incomplete in the first four photos. In the fifth and sixth shots, at the very bottom, you can see the
tray finished. It has handles that extend about 1/2 inch below the bottom so that the tray is sitting on
four short legs. There will not be any coasters as this wood is scrap and has grooves running
through it.

I could do coasters but the material would be as similar as normal because I usually make the
coasters out of part of the wood that the tray is made out of. If you're interested, I do have more of
the same type wood I could use.
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