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First let me define “relative”. For this article, "relative" doesn't deal with your
sister or brother or Aunt Bessy, etc. Those will be referred to as "in-laws" and
"out-laws." But I stray :-)

Relative means compared to. The sun is brighter than the moon. That is the
relative truth about brightness of the two items. It is one thing compared to
another. Mars is further away than the Moon. The Moon is closer. These are
statements of relativity or relative truth.


Truth is something true or accepted. Truth is “real” or “actual”. Truth is not a

There are whole websites dedicated to defining truth.

The difficulty with defining truth is that all truths in this universe are relative!

Red is Red!

Red is red is a true statement, right? How about my car is redder than yours!

I happen to have a beautiful red car. It is redder than most. It's bright red with
a deep tone. Beautiful.

But which is redder, his car or mine? I guess that a relative thing.

The Sharp Shooter is accurate!

How accurate? I can assure you he is more accurate than I ever was even
though the Army gave me a trinket for passing marksmanship. That meant I
could hit the target sometimes. I was accurate enough!

This political party or that religion is bad!

I have to ask, it is bad when compared to what?

Do you compare the Repubs to the Dems? Sorry, that's comparing bad and

Are you comparing Christians and Muslims? Which segment of those religions
are we talking about? I've heard some very damming facts about both. Are
they both bad? No.

Are parts of them bad? I believe evidence could be found.

No truth fits whole groups. See related article

The speed of light is ultimate.

Is the speed of light ultimate? No.

And the earth is not flat. The fact that it is an accepted datum does not make it

I can pretty much prove the speed of light is not ultimate. It's a matter for
frequency. Look at light going into a prism. It fans out, so the inside light must
be going slower than the outside light, like troops marching in formation,
turning. The inside guy is almost marching place. The guy on the far outside
is running, traveling faster! So it is with light.

Light has a frequency and travels at that frequencies speed. Slower
frequencies go slower like sound. Higher frequencies travel faster like
ultraviolet and even higher frequencies!

Twitter is the best social network.

I guess that would depend on if you focused on how easy it is to expand and
how many wonderful people there are on Twitter.

Or you could focus on their newest faulty interface they seem unable to fix
and unwilling to abandon. The interface they had before was pretty perfect.
That's a truth from my experience.

A truth is as good as it works!

If a certain clay will stop a leak, that is a truth. Putting in concrete might be a
better truth. Do you see what I mean?

Truth is relative!

“Doctors and pharmaceutical companies know how to cure people.”  Is that a
truth? If you break your arm,  it is! If you need to have your teeth drilled, it is.
But how about preventing the problem before they happen? Would good
health be a more truthful idea?

In my not so humble opinion, it would be better! See related article
Attention on Correct Goals

In Closing

The highest truth I know of in this universe is you. While you may not
understand or agree, a being like you or I is truth.

The physical universe contains only relative truths that we all happen to agree
upon to greater or lesser extent. That's pretty real, pretty true.

But you are far truer! I know for a fact that I am.

In this universe, there are no absolutes! I challenge you on that :-)

02/15/2014 I am reissuing this article today. Today, twice I ran into people
who spoke of absolutes. I didn't try to change their minds. But both were very
assertive. I did want to reissue this just to state in general, truth is relative.

Do you have suggestions for a “How To” article? Let me know :-)

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Listen and Guide, Someone to.

©2012  by Carl Watts/  091612 edited 021514
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