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Relatively Speaking

A young child sees mom and dad, sometimes others.

His attention is fixed on things near, hands and feet.

Small things catch our attention, a grain of sand in the bed

Or the sparkle of a diamond.

A nail in the tire, a hair in the salad, draws attention

Or details in a painting.

As we grow, a cute girl catches attention

Or a movie on the screen showing make-believe.

Food never ceases to be of interest to man

On the plate is better than in the pan.

With food and company at hand, man is free to look further out

There are causes to be helped and won

Working to keep the food coming, the spouse happy, is done.

Other things become of interest, how the nation is running

How man is surviving. Admonish: News media is not truth!

We start looking out to beyond our house to a bigger picture

Helping others, helping the future.

Some just contribute money, contribute time and energy,

Some help others envision the space to BE!

Envision dimensions that create space to uncompress man.

Some create Games to play, room for action and Beingness.

A galaxy in the background with aesthetics abound is my wish.

Leaping from star to star, releasing the space of man is my action.

A universe, almost infinite, a playground for you and yours
without barriers too much and beautiful games of high actions,
clear rules are my intentions.

Observe to the extent you can: Focus on that grain of sand,
better the sparkle of the diamond.
You will have what you put your attention on!

Look at feet or hand, better glance at your fellow man.

Find out, the truth, the state of the land, what the future holds.
Step up and guide the fate of man.

Imagine the ships flitting from star to star guided by your hand.

Imagine the prosperity of man with infinite space to play.

Size is relative to your viewpoint.

Are you looking at the flat tire and reading the news,
then contract your space.

You can go as far as no space and no place, no game, no life.

Or look infinitely out, beyond close at hand!

Now, Juggernaut act with mighty actions to help man!

Earth is yours; to care for, man is your responsibility!

You know space is free and can be given to others?

Give space to man for eternity!

Imagine infinite space and expand!

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Carl Watts ©2008


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