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    A Rapidly Trending Method to Infect your Computer

    Malware creators, cyber-criminals and other such scum are aware of where most of the internet activity is: Use of
    search engines (Google, Bing) social media websites (Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, YouTube, etc) and
    therefore try to use those trends to infect your computer. How?

    Black Hat SEO techniques: SEO: Search Engine Optimization. Simply put, Black Hat SEO techniques are those
    used to illicitly manipulate search engine results in order to drive up the search ranking result of a particular
    website. This can then be used to make be in the first few results of any search. You
    search Google for “Michael Jackson death” and there it is, a fake quote on that subject and a link to take you to
    the website where that quote is. Looks legit too. Even the website name can look legit, like “”,
    but if you click on that search result to go to the website, it either takes you to that website and it’s a fake news
    website, or worse, when you click on the link it re-directs your computer to land in another website. Either way the
    result is the same: you land in a website and by virtue of it your computer gets infected, if you don’t have the
    proper protection and system updates in place.

    A new client  with an infected computer told me recently that there was no antivirus installed in his machine
    because he figured if he never opened any suspicious email attachments… I rapidly disabused him of the idea,
    shortly before I disinfected his computer of some nasty malware. With these new infection techniques, you can
    get infected just by what used to be considered normal web-surfing. But that client’s comment also told me that
    users at large might not be as aware of this phenomena as they need to be. Hence, this article.

    So, 1) Get or improve protection in your computer as covered here, 2) Make sure your computer is updated with
    the latest security patches as covered here, 3) Just be aware of the above ongoing phenomena and be extra
    careful when clicking on search results links, or any phony looking links posted in social media websites.

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