Retirement: Taking it Easy!

What is the Definition of “Retirement”?

“Retirement” is defined as not working, withdrawal from position, occupation,
activities, withdraw, go away or apart...

So what is the plan for your life when you retire?

Will you do as much as you used to do to make exchangeable products or

Personally, I don't think the concept of retiring is a good thing to desire. I never
plan to retire.

There is historical evidence linking "retirement" and early death!

Very often, I quote myself:

"A person is only as valuable as they aid others in their
games of survival”.

Based on my quote, will your value during “retirement” remain the same, go
up or decline?

While you're taking it easy, how will that effect the remaining areas of your life?

I realize that maybe difficult to answer since perhaps you're not retired yet. So
can you look at others that you know that already are retired?

Are they productive or are they slowing down?

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Slowing Down

You often hear medical advise to the effect of “slow down,” “take it easy,” or
“get some rest!”

Let me translate this medical talk for you:
You're weak, you're not powerful,
you can't handle your body! They should just tell you to lay down and die.

That's a nasty one to do to a little kid that's ill! Let them move!

How slow or still can you get? DEAD!

For 30 years, I did office work of one kind or another. When I left my last job, I
decided to step up the activity.

I went into construction. I was a  working foreman. I'd be in there digging the
ditch or using the jackhammer. I would cut lumber, construct framing, set up
forms and tie steel for concrete!

I carry lumber, mix concrete and still do from time to time.

Naturally as the foreman, I'd utilize my senior skills and knowledge as I see
best but I didn't avoid labor.

Some time ago, my right leg, the calf was hurting for no good reason. I
decided I would disagree with that and went for a walk where normally I would
have driven the car.

My calf was not happy about me stressing it further. It hurt going and coming
but the next day, there was no pain.

What do you think a doctor would have advised me to do? Ah, you see my

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Over Worked!

I heard that phrase lately and that prompted this article.

“You will work yourself to death.” “Worked so hard and so long, burnt out.”
“Just can't do it anymore.” “Honey, you're working too hard, working too much,
too long.” “You need to kick back, relax.”

Here a socially accepted one "You just need a vacation or to get a way."

All these instructions are telling you that you are weak, not powerful enough to
continue. If you listen and believe soon it will become true....

Why Do You Need a Vacation?

Vacation? What is the difference between work and play? Is it the amount of
physical or mental effort? Mountain climbing is probably harder than digging a
ditch! Working on Twitter is more work than anything else I do mentally. I love

How about the amount of fun or enjoyment, does that separate work from

Writing, which is work, is a joyous occasion, I love to do it but it is certainly

I was chatting with a professional musician. She loves to create music and
says it is effortless. Does she get sweaty while at the same time loving her
work, yep! Does she get tired? Yep.

Bodies do eventually get tired, need food rest etc.

I'll venture that the only difference between work and play is ONLY your
consideration. You call one work and the other is called play.

So I guess you could over work yourself playing? What do you think?


Or are they still saying that to you? Have they succeeded in getting you to
“slow down” or even stopped? Look around notice which people that are
telling you that you are weak, frail, powerless!

They may not realize it but they are killing you slowly or fast! That's bull, they
know what they're doing! They are trying to stop you! Dead is real stopped.

If they honestly don't realize what they are doing, I guarantee you it is because
someone else is killing them right now! Someone is telling them to die, slow
down, to stop!

But the ideas of “over worked,” “working too hard, too long, too much,” or
“burnt out” are just considerations. You can change your consideration,
change your mind about work/play!

Huge Asset!

Our retirement population is potentially huge asset. However,  too many
retired people are busy dying instead of producing valuable products or

The medical profession have most of them on drugs which ensures illness and
disease so they can't contribute to humanities survival. I wonder what
percentage of retired people are taking "medication" (poison)?

As pharma patients, they consume and weaken humanity compared to
working productive people. They could change that easily but too many are
too far down the tube to climb out. They should know that pharma/medical
industry are pushing them down the tube faster and faster. Medication is a
sled ride which soon ends in death.

The choice is theirs or yours.

Parts of this article are not kind or polite. I do believe they're factual.

So grandpa, grandma, step up and get active for your grand children's future

Call, write or email congress, the governor, the president, the fda. Doesn't
matter what you say, just communicate!

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Lose the downers, the people telling you that you're too weak, that you're

Don't be kind to them, just get rid of them before you lose the battle.

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You are a huge asset of knowledge and ability.
You are right. And I think you
know it. And of course, not all retired people take drugs or slow down. There
are always exceptional exceptions.

There are enough of us to change the future easily! See my plan

Disclaimer Specifically for This Article (General Disclaimer
at Bottom of the Page)

Now you understand you should never change your diet, your medication,
your exercise, your activity level or your own socks without consulting your
medical practitioner.

Nothing I've said is intended to help you, speed you up, cure you, heal you,
improve you, make you laugh or to treat or prevent any illness or disease.
Only a licensed MD can practice medicine. Please do not confuse my words
with medicine or medical treatment, I'd be insulted if you did!

I believe I can safely say, don't eat the warning labels they put on drug

Notice there no warning labels are on supplements generally because they
are not dangerous! The warning labels I have seen are keep away from
children. That's about it!

Life best survives when working in coordination with life, not fighting each other!

If you need gentle assistance, contact me. I am trained in resolving conflicts very successfully.

Helping someone spot what condition(s) and what the solutions are to handle them is exactly
what I do in life.

Improving the conditions of others is my destination and purpose in life. A little true knowledge can
go a long way. I do not ask that you believe anything!

Routinely I say #EverythinWill_B_OK!I believe that is true!

Also, “A person is only as valuable as he aids others in their games of survival!”
Quoting myself :-)

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"Listen and Guide, Someone to."
Drifting or Driving"

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