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More on “How It Works”
Page created 6/22/09
    Just a Reminder

    We are a group of artists intent upon improving the quality of life for the population of Earth.  We are the perfect
    group, that is to say artists, to draw attention to what is wrong, to point out solutions, and to paint a simple,
    understandable picture of the results of achieving those solutions.  We know we have to point to all the above, over
    and over and without letup, to attract and hold attention.  That attention is essential both to the creation of new ideas
    for gaining the livable planet and society we all want, and putting the leaders, political and otherwise, on notice to
    see that the will of the great mass of people is fulfilled.

    We are not a revolutionary group.  We intend to make things really, really better for everyone.  The original article,
    "How It Works" (http://www.truenica.com/HowItWorks.html), paints a good general picture of how we plan to go
    about doing our part in this.  If you haven’t read it yet, or if you need a reference, you may read it now.

    A New Viewpoint

    There are plenty of things wrong on this planet.  The quality of the atmosphere is deteriorating.  Soil is being
    depleted and “improved” by adding chemicals that lower the quality (and I’m talking about nutritional value here) of
    the crops grown in it.  Water is being polluted, and in some cases stolen from the people who need it for survival.

    I could spend a few pages whining and griping about the current state of affairs, but that would be boring and
    unproductive.  There is, after all, a straightforward way to handle this.

    When you hire someone to take care of your garden and discover they are doing a poor job of it, you stop using
    them.  You either do it yourself or find a new gardener to hire.  Often, you have to do both, in that order.

    Or let’s say the quality of the vegetables from your local grocer goes down and stays that way regardless of
    complaints from you and your neighbors.  You find another place to purchase your veggies.

    As a final example, let’s say you are a small business owner with thirty employees.  Your statistics show you your
    foreman is not supervising well.  Both the quantity and the quality of production is down.  This affects your bottom
    line, and something has to be done.

    You spend some time with your foreman to see why the stats are down.  You will find that the guy needs either better
    training so he can do a good job on his post, or that he needs to be demoted or fired.

    In any case, you have to bypass him and do his job yourself until he is able to handle it to your satisfaction, or until
    you have hired a competent replacement.  And you had better have someone other than yourself doing that job as
    soon as possible, or more things will go wrong, since you are not able to oversee the whole company while you are
    playing foreman.  The whole company could go down the tubes.

    This same, simple concept, applies from the most personal to the grandest scale.  

In order to achieve what we want in our environment and to remove what we don’t, we must start by giving up the ideas that “nothing can be
done about it” and “I am just one person.”

Of course something can be done about it!  If not, nothing would ever change.  As for being just one person – implying that one person can’t
achieve anything – all the great inventions, stories, poems, songs, brilliant ideas that change people’s lives, came from individuals.

You can start right now, and it’s easy.  Whenever you have one of those thoughts, don’t fight it, just let it flitter away and replace it with
something like “I know something can be done about it, and I’m going to find out how.”

Just create a new habit of looking for the rainbow instead of the tornado.

That’s on a personal level, but you can certainly go beyond that.  You have heard the saying “There’s strength in numbers.”  This is not
entirely true.

There is strength in organized numbers.  Working together we can achieve peace, clean air and water, healthy food, human rights.  This
requires organization such as we are creating even as I write this article.  You may join us if you wish.

“How,” you may ask, “are we as an organized group – as a population – going to apply this principle?”

Let us take the example of credit card companies.  I’m sure you have noticed by now that the credit card companies that advertise the
greatest benefits and the lowest rates generally turn out to be the biggest scams.  (Scam – a scheme for making money by dishonest
means; to obtain money from somebody by dishonest means.  Encarta ® World English Dictionary © & (P) 1998-2004 Microsoft
Corporation. All rights reserved.)

These people need to be bypassed.  They need to be fired.  Does this mean you have to give up the convenience of using a credit card?  
No way!

In the United States, at least, there is currently no law against usury (lending money at criminally high interest [my definition]), or the
charging of ever-increasing outrageous fees.  There is also no law making it mandatory.

So, having decided to fire the embezzler in your finance department, you have to find (we have to find) his replacement.  It is entirely
possible there is a company out there that doesn’t consider you a helpless cash cow to be milked dry on a whim.  I personally don’t know of
any, but if you find one, let me know and I will give it a little free advertising in our newsletter.

What if there are no honest bankers out there in the credit card business?  You will have to handle it yourself.  Start a credit union.

I don’t know all the details of the process, but I do know it can be done, and there are knowledgeable people out there to help.

When you have all the details and you are ready to start the credit union with your friends (I’ll bet we could put a lot of friends together on this
– ever hear of Facebook, MySpace?), immediately take all your money out of whatever bank you are using now and put in the credit union.  

Your credit union can be your new credit card company.  Of course, you’ll have to handle your current cards.  I suggest you first get your new
card through your credit union, then work out a plan to pay off your other cards if you can’t do it immediately, then cancel the cards.

I’m not saying trash your credit rating by not paying them off, but a card need not be active for you to get out from under it.  Perhaps you can
use a service that will help you lower the amount you owe.

This is just one example of the principal.  If an employee or a vendor is not providing the service you want, and at a fair rate, fire them and
get the job done from another source.  It really is that simple.  It may require some work from you, but again, it really is that simple.

I also love the idea of using the social networks of the internet to positively change things on this planet.

This same simple concept can be applied to every area of our lives, to every industry on Earth, and our Never Ending World Tour can
publicize these solutions everywhere.

Don’t Forget the Good Guys

Just as important as culling the bad apples, we need to reward the good guys.  (I’m a chef, so it’s okay for me to mix metaphors.)  Tell
everyone you know, publish it in your newsletter, whenever you find a business that practices a really good exchange for your patronage.  If
you want things to turn your way, you praise and help the good guys and avoid the others.

When banks start to see they can be bypassed for their ill treatment of their customers, they will either change how they do business or
go out of business.

The really icky ones will lobby Congress to make any sane solution to their criminality illegal, but politicians can be prosecuted, sued,
drummed out of office, and you can let them know it.

Try this concept.  It will make a difference in your life.  By applying it as a group, we can make a difference in the lives of billions.

Robert Hawkins, 20 June 2009
RobertHawkins@TrueNica.com (easiest way to reach me)
323-244-9723 (usually need to leave a message)
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