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What We Intend to Accomplish

by Robert Hawkins

    We want to do our part to accomplish a civilization we can be proud of,
and comfortable in.  To us, this means the Earth is free of violence, crime,
war, disease, insanity and hunger.  Its air, water and soil are clean and
supportive of life.  Its population is free to pursue and achieve happiness and

    This letter concerns how we plan to do our part.

Where We Started

    Rhonda LaRoy and I have been talking about a World Peace Tour for
about three years now, and we’ve included friends of ours in the music,

dance and film industries in countries all around the world.  These are famous
as well as unknown artists.  Rhonda can tell you more about that (310-467-
6799, or [phone is usually best]).

    To promote our company, True Nica Music, I started this newsletter, Good
Music News, in 2007.

    Around the end of October of that year, it occurred to me that world peace
was achievable, and there were practical ways to see it accomplished.

    We saw our newsletter and the World Peace Tour as proper media to tell
people about it and to promote it.  

    The arts – especially music and dance – are powerful promotion media.  
They impinge on humans immediately and can be created in such a way as

to make our message stick with our public.

    We held a song and dance contest, promoted through our newsletter,
culminating with the winning composition being performed in venues in
several countries on New Year’s Eve.

    We got a great response, and we gained a few hundred new subscribers
to our mailing list.  More and more people got interested in promoting our
world peace and human rights goals, and wanted to take part in a World
Peace Tour.

    After that, I wrote a few articles on our goals, most published in the
newsletter, and more people joined our loose group.  

    The first of these articles, entitled World Peace, outlined an idea I had to
enable an actual sane society to begin.  I’ll reel off more on that idea now.

    There have been times on this planet when nations that professed
undying hatred for one another cooperated for the betterment of mankind.  A
spectacular example of one of these times is the eighteen months from the
middle of 1957 to the end of 1958.  It was called the International Geophysical
Year.  Great strides were made in the physical sciences, including the
launching of the first artificial satellites, the discovery of the van Allen

radiation belts in our upper atmosphere, soundings of the ocean floor planet
wide, and much more.

    The International Geophysical Year (IGY) marked the beginning of the
space programs of both the United States and the Soviet Union (ultimately
leading to landings on the moon), as well as development of
microminiaturization, discoveries in human nutrition, the list is still going on.

Interestingly enough, while the IGY was intended as a scientific cooperation,
the germ spread to the humanities.  There was much exchange of art and
artists, music and musicians, literature.  There were fast, cross-cultural
friendships made during these eighteen months that lasted decades, some
continuing to this day, resulting in sometimes clandestine cooperation that

has benefitted mankind almost immeasurably.

One reason I am bringing up this example is that while over sixty nations
participated, most of them (and especially the USA and the USSR) were in it
for what they could gain from others, not what they could contribute.  On the
other hand, for the sake of international public relations imaging, there was a
great race (again, especially between the USA and the USSR) to

demonstrate the greatest achievements, hailed as gifts to mankind.

It was a wonderful example of cooperation through competition!  It was a
planet-wide game, and one I feel we can emulate to our advantage,

especially with our knowledge of how to raise attention and emotional levels
through spectacular aesthetic events.

I believe our IGY equivalent should focus on a few things that will help us
achieve a sustainable new civilization.

All of these need to be worked on at the same time (merely an organizational
problem), but I have arbitrarily put the ones with the greatest initial profit
potential first.  For more on profit potential, please read my article,

Saving Our Planet for Profit.

CLEAN ENGINES.  Whether you agree with global warming or not, and
whether you believe or don’t believe that mankind is the culprit, it must be
obvious to all that our air is dirty.  Sometimes, in many cities, it becomes
unbreatheable.  The filth collects on your clothes, on your skin.  It makes

you sneeze and it makes you cough.  It makes your eyes itch.  It promotes
cancer, heart attacks, even birth defects.

Why smoke cigarettes?  Just roll down your windows and breathe the rush
hour air on the Hollywood Freeway, or downtown Manhattan.  They do the

job just as well.

When I say clean engines, I’m really talking about non-polluting fuel.

I’m no engineer, but my current favorite fuel is hydrogen.  After all, the

product of burning hydrogen is water, and any high school chemistry student
knows that the easiest way to generate hydrogen is through the electrolysis

of water.  So this is a fuel that is totally sustainable, available virtually
everywhere, and doesn’t, by current standards, pollute.

The only thing I can see that might be better – and I have already said I’m no
engineer – is not needing to burn anything at all.

I spent a page or so on the arguments against any new fuel in
Saving Our
Planet for Profit
, so I won’t go into it here.  I will just point out that every
aspect of product development and distribution, especially of a product as
desperately needed as clean-burning fuel, is chock full of enormous profit

Why is a non-polluting fuel so desperately needed?  

Well, what we are using now does make for a filthy planet.  It does help trap
heat in our atmosphere, which is climate change, and it does melt polar ice,
and on and on, and its use is pervasive.

We burn our filthy (currently) fuel in cars, trucks, trains, planes, farm
equipment, boats and generators.  It is simply too much filth to keep adding to
our environment.

Is it possible to make the burning of carbonaceous matter cleaner?  You bet it
is, and we should do it.  There is profit potential there, too.

Just remember there is a finite amount of fossil fuel available, so we still need
a workable alternative.

SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE.  People don’t produce much, or think well,
if they don’t have enough to eat or if their food lacks nutrition.

The overwhelming majority of American grains and vegetables are grown on
depleted soil with the aid of chemical fertilizer (the stuff you make bombs

with) and pesticides (poisons).

All this stuff, deadly to humans and their pets, pollutes our groundwater and
runs off to the sea, where it has a similar effect on marine vegetation and
fish.  We, of course, eat those tainted fish.

Meat and dairy animals are crowded together so closely that they are

injected and fed antibiotics and growth hormones to keep them “healthy and
productive.”  We eat and drink what they are treated with.

Besides the stuff we eat and drink from these animals, there are the
pesticides they are sprayed with and their mountains of manure and oceans
of urine.  Where do you think it goes, along with its content of hormones,
antibiotics and pesticides?  Right into our rivers, streams and aquifers, the
oceans and our drinking water.

Most, if not all, of the technology to fix this mess exists right now, and there
are a number of pretty easy ways to promote, disseminate and sell it easily

WORLDWIDE LITERACY.   A literate person can study, and thereby learn,
anything.  He can also communicate more broadly and more exactly.

A literate population is less likely to automatically believe what they are told

by authorities, whether these authorities are governments, corporations, or
the local blowhard.  We need people to be able to learn new concepts, and
literacy is the first step toward this.  We are literally creating a new
civilization.  In some areas, and I don’t just mean so-called third world
countries, we will be asking people to do things and to understand concepts
that never occurred to them before, in order for them to be able improve the
lives of their companions and their families.  So that they and the ones they
care about can flourish and prosper.

Let us not forget that in a prosperous society there is more prosperity to go
around, making expansive, entrepreneurial thinking normal.  

Literacy is important.

MORALS.  If we are to have peace on Earth, people must agree on what is
acceptable behavior.  This means we must have a shared moral code, one
which transgresses no one’s religion, and is at the same time non-religious in
nature.  The Way to Happiness Foundation promotes just such a moral code,
and we plan to work closely with them.

The list of what is needed to make Earth a planet we can all be proud of is
long, and I don’t want to turn this letter into a book, so I’ll cut it short.

A partial list of other topics to take up – and I am perfectly willing to take up
any or all of them with anyone – could be: Clean Manufacturing, Health and
Wellness, freedom of religion, hazardous waste cleanup, Human Rights(!).

Effectiveness of Our Program

Looking at how to make the world tour work and be most effective, I studied
the ones that promoted what we wanted to promote.  I was looking for what
worked and what failed.

I found that while a lot of positive response was gotten for concerts and tours
in the past, the excitement died away in every case.  

“Why?” I asked.

The why was simple and obvious.  The excitement died down because the
concerts ended, the tours stopped, and there was no follow up.  Attention
stopped being demanded.

I came to the conclusion that in order for the tour to effectively lead the way,
and actually see to the accomplishment of our goals, it must never end.  The
idea of a well fed, non-violent, inventive society must persist.  It must be

For any business to be viable and expand, and we are in the business of
peace, love and prosperity, it must make itself known.  After that, it must
continue to make itself known.  Then it must make itself known as broadly as
possible, and it must never stop making itself known.

As soon as it stops making noise, regardless of its previous success, people
assume it is out of business and its products no longer available.  Soon it is

all but forgotten.

Our business is no different.

How to Make it Work

The key to all successful marketing – and this is nothing if not the most
profound marketing caper ever – is surveys.

Surveys tell you what you can sell.  If you already have a product you are
determined to sell, surveys tell you how.  There is literally nothing people will
not enthusiastically consume, and they will tell you how to present it to them
through their answers to your surveys.  

We need to survey what people consider is most needed to make the lives of
their families, their friends, and themselves more livable, what they consider
the greatest cause of misery to the same people, as well as to mankind in
general around the world.

Just as a note, it is important to realize that the answers to our surveys may
be (almost certainly will be) different in different geographic areas and
between different ethnic groups even in the same geographic area.  Our task
is to find the one that draws the greatest response overall in any area we
survey, and how that response was drawn.  This is not a treatise on survey
technology, so I won’t go into this further here.

Along with finding out the changes people feel are most needed, we need to
survey for their favorite music, their favorite performers in music and film,
whom they most look up to and whose statements they are most likely to
believe and, in every case, why.

The why on each of the above is extremely important because, in the
beginning at least, there will be times when we cannot have the most loved
and looked up to people working with us where and when they are most
needed.  If we know why the surveyed publics chose those people we can
use others who are similar and position them so that the same public will turn
out for them as for the ideal.

Using substitutes is a great way for those substitutes to become stars in their
own right.  If they are already well known, their notoriety will be greatly

It should be further noted that as our work draws more attention, bigger and
bigger celebrities, and more of them, will jump on the bandwagon so that

they, too, can be part of creating the new civilization.  It’s the snowball effect.

Include Everyone

When I say include everyone possible, I am not just preaching.  

So what do I mean by everyone?

Think earth shaking news events.  Think Pearl Harbor, 7 December 1941.  
Think Hiroshima, 1945.  Picture events everyone obviously needs to know
about, that everyone everywhere has an opinion on.  See, right now, billions
of people feeling the need of change for all on this planet – wishing
desperately to know where to go, what to do, whom to ask.

Our tour events will answer the questions and point the way, of course, and
they will be described later in this letter.  But first the events have to be
announced, and crowds driven to them.  

Here is how.

Get the idea that, for now at least, all the surveys are done.  We know what
performers will draw the largest crowds, and what those crowds need/want to
hear about, to see, what they think needs to change or improve and so on.  
We know where and when to have our first several events.

The first thing we do is loudly inform every possible news outlet – TV, radio,
all kinds of print, online news outlets as well as our own newsletters – what
we are doing, where and when we are doing it, and how truly incredible it will

We don’t just send press releases out blindly.  We get in touch with actual
persons at every outlet.  We let them know we are real people and we know
they are, too.  This is important.  The more we keep in touch and improve our
communication level with these people, the more apt they are to actually
report on our events.  We make sure they get close to what’s happening,
have advance warning, get all the pictures and articles they could ever want.  
We treat them like the hugely valuable communication pipeline they are.  

And, like our tour, we never stop.

Our pre-event crew will be working locally to handle the press and recruit
local residents to work with.  Those same locals will be our permanent
representatives during the months our giant event is not in their area.  They
will help keep interest and activity going in their area, and we will help keep
them motivated (see the article,
How It Works).

Besides the press, we will contact local politicians, fire and police chiefs,
educators, religious leaders, service clubs, business and professional people,
and show and tell them why and how they should get on the bandwagon.  
Many of these people will be interested and want to help.  All of them will

want to improve their PR, and we will make sure they know how they can do
it with us.

This is an area I have a lot of experience in, and it’s a game I love to play.

This action, repeated city by city, continent by continent, over and over, will
turn our little snowball into a juggernaut – especially when combined with our
spectacular events.

What the Shows Are Like

The grand finale of each several day long event is an intense show/concert
put on by the chosen-by-survey performers, promoting and exposing the

most sought after product/solution in the area in which the concert is given.  
Again, chosen by survey.

Don’t get confused when I say chosen by survey.  In no way is it meant to
imply a restriction on the quality of artistic expression.  It is simply the basic
architecture upon which the performance is based.  It’s the starting point, the
direction of charge!  From there, all manner of brilliant and murky colors,
savage and beautiful dance, delicate and bombastic music may ensue,
dramatized by harsh and angelic voices, and building to a climax that floats
the heart right out of its chest.

The stage is lined on three sides by screens, which may be used to show the
performers in close up, colors in motion to the music, or pre-recorded film –

all part of the performance.

There may be narration.  There will certainly be great singers, brilliant
musicians, and dance.

Typically, after the warm up acts have prepared the audience, the show

starts rather softly, and at a very low emotional level, a level of hopelessness,
refusal to look, fear of being found.  From there, over a period of thirty

minutes to an hour, and utilizing all the tools of sound, motion, lighting and
stage effects, it builds to a level of real exhilaration!

By the end of the show, most of the audience will be eager to continue, and
add to, the positive motion in the area they themselves chose – by survey.

Our crew will have made sure there is plenty of press there, along with their
cameras and microphones, pencils and pads, laptops.  And, in case any of

the press doesn’t get all they need, we will have lots of film, plenty of
pictures, and recorded interviews available to them – and we’ll make sure
they know it.

Not beat a dead horse, but don’t forget that this program is about continuous
communication with public, locally, nationally and internationally.  Whenever
there is no local extravaganza, there will be one on the news in its newest
location.  Our local crew will help keep things going, and they will always be
aided by the knowledge that “We will be back.”

Organization and Establishment

While it is certainly acceptable to start with full funding (which makes for the
greatest speed of production), with only minimal funding an individual

(myself) can go into full time production and promotion.  Establishment will
take the same steps, in the same order, either way.  The only difference is
that while we will always, regardless of cash on hand, be promoting for  
sponsorship funds to continue our work, the more funding we have to start
with the less attention we will put to that type of promotion in the first few
months before the tour goes out.

We start by having myself and initial crew together in the city chosen for our
headquarters.  At this point I/we will be cranking out promotional articles,
setting up accounts and getting the legalities all straight, setting up a new
website and promoting it.  We’ll travel as needed to meet with the right

people and present our program.  

Besides the all-important business community, special attention will be put on
UN personnel as well as promotion to government officials at all levels –
always starting as near the top as we can get, but neglecting no one.  All
events, regardless of notoriety, are local.

We will also promote to police and fire chiefs, religious leaders, educators,
service clubs, professional groups and business people.  Everyone who is
willing gets to play a part.  Their peers will sooner or later jump on the
bandwagon too, so as not to be thought curmudgeonly and left behind.

The next step is recruiting more help to increase promotion, both of the tour
and the reasons for it and for greater sponsorship, and to survey more widely.

By now, we should also be organizing the physical setup of our international
headquarters.  This includes making it a very aesthetic as well as practical
working environment.  Especially in the game we are playing, everything is
always about promotion.  So our environment must closely resemble our
worldwide ideal scene to all the senses.

At this point, having a full headquarters crew and advance tour crew, and
having headquarters all set up, we’ll promote and deliver a major event to
show our game face to the world.  Present will be local as well as national

and international dignitaries and celebrities, including those who will be
delivering the first blowout concert and starting the tour (and press, press,

The PR campaign continues, naturally, as well as constant work to gain more
sponsors.  And we are now rehearsing the orchestra, singers, dancers and
crew for the first show.  Also during this time, we will complete whatever
filming is necessary to enhance the show, and put together the parts of the
sets of the travelling show that cannot be gotten locally while on tour.

While the above two or three month project is going on, we will also have the
next three venues arranged, and our advance crew will be getting the local
groups we have recruited up to speed on their tasks – and they will make

sure the local people never forget how important they are to the overall
purpose of the tour organization.  If you haven’t already, read the article,

How It Works, to see how these groups are treated and organized.

Finally, with great ballyhoo, the first show is delivered.  The show will be
attended by celebrities and dignitaries of every stripe, and the press will be

all over them and the show too!

The entire event will be filmed, and we hope to release it as a +/- ninety
minute film.

There will be no corner of the planet that doesn’t know about the fantastic
show, what it’s about, what it represents, and that it is on its way to them.

Feels good, doesn’t it?

This much is fully programmed, and we are working on any other preparation
needed so that as soon as we have a ball, we can start it rolling.

Robert Hawkins, 25 May 2009 (easiest way to reach me)
323-244-9723 (usually need to leave a message)
Articles, information by @Poet_Carl_Watts  #KnowledgeIsPower! #AwesomeTeam
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