Roger Stiles
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Carl Watts, Nutrition Response Testing Certified, WFG Associate,
Nutritionist, Artist, Designer, Problem Solver, Author, Publisher, Philosopher
PO Box 285
Tujunga, CA 91042

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Roger Stiles Noverber 2007 at the mountain property
This is Roger Stiles.
He is my nephew, my
wife LaVonne's sister's
son. This was taken
Nov 2007 at the
mountain property.

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Below Roger are some
of his family: David on
the left is his son. Next
is Harley Barber who
is Nikki's partner.
Nikke is Roger's
daughter. The last one
is Harry, Roger's dad.
Down on the lower left,
is Rita, Roger's mom.

Directly below is
Roger helping Zachary
unwrap his skate
board. Zach is Roger's
This is David Stiles, Harley Barber, Nikki Adachi, Harry Stiles Christmas 2007
Rita Stiles, Roger's mother Christmas 2007
Zachary and Roger Stiles 12/2007
Sarah, Carrie, Roger, Sharon, David, Rita, Harry (All Stiles family), Theresa Myers
Sarh, Carrie, Roger, Sharon, David, Rita, Harry (All the Stiles family) & Therersa Myers 4/6/08
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