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Roles in the Game

So what would you consider a romantic role
A role with a lot of glamour
A role with a lot of action
Would your role require a camera

Do you feel your work is play
Do you feel you slave all day
What is the different between work and play
What do you consider your actions of the day

At five years old, did you look forward to getting out
Did you like to go out in the morning to play and shout
How did you greet today’s morning
Did you shout or start mourning

How about your three year old, up with the dawning
Eager to have fun, won’t stop playing until he’s yawning
Where did it change in you, at the ripe old age of twenty-two
Or was it earlier when you married and became two

Don’t blame it on your spouse
If you do, it proves you are a louse
The change was only with you
All you experience created by you

You are a creator
You are a maker
You did it all
You’ve taken a fall
But you arrange that too.

Stand up spirit, be free
Let go the past, be free
Create your future, be free
Come play games with me.

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