The Royal Whittmour Family

This story started from a memory of the distant buried past on another planet.  The memory surfaced on Earth in September 2008. The end of the
story data gotten directly from Reginald.

The story is about the life of Reginald Whittmour.

Reginald Whittmour was born March 13th, 1313. He was the first son born to the King and Queen. He was the only child.

The populous was joyful as both the King and Queen were aging and ailing. It was considered a miracle that Reginald was conceived and survived

He was destined to be King of the Eurasian Empire.

All of the loyal subjects were setting up a huge celebration of happiness and relief!

But in a dimly lighted area of the castle, the King’s much younger brother, Borus Whittmour and Eseralda Whittmour, his wife, were heavy with upset
and evil.

They had planned to assume control once the King was too ill to rule or dead. Having a Prince born would ruin this plan!

For several years all had been going as planned. A very mild poison was being given the King and Queen and they had been weakening!

Now, just poisoning the King and Queen would not do. Reginald would be King and they would never control the empire.

They sought out the high shaman of the land. He was John Swinhart, the Court psych.

Borus, Eseralda and John met in secret. It was clear that John was as upset by the live birth as were Boris and Eseralda.

You’d think John had just lost the crown and not Borus!

The conversation turned to how to just kill the King, Queen and that little bastard Reginald!

Borus and John both knew it was too dangerous as the guards were loyal and would likely kill them if anything happened. Eseralda didn’t seem to care
who died just so Borus was King!

So John came up with another idea! The plan was to drug Reginald so he could be controlled! Then he could have all the problems and they would still
be in control once the King and Queen were dead.

The strength of the poison given to the King and Queen would be increased to get rid of them sooner!

Then, Prince Reginald could be drugged and kept under control.

John selected a hypnotic to be given to the child now so he could be kept weak and unable to function well. The plan was to later give him shots to
keep him addicted and totally under control.

The happiness in the Empire faded soon as news of the illnesses of the King and Queen spread.

Reginald was growing but showed signs of being an idiot. He didn’t seem to focus and slept a lot.

Still his mother and father worshiped the child as any good parents would.

Years passed and Reginald grew but remained almost totally out of communication with the world. He seemed to be lost inside himself.

Reginald later explained what was happening.

My controls over the body always seemed to be messed up. I was drugged but didn’t know that was it what it was. I’d
always been drugged.

So I stayed inside my own universe and only came out when people weren’t around as it was
so difficult to
communicate with them.

I would leave the drugged body sleeping on the bed and set up my Nanny to watch closely
over it. She got my thoughts
but always thought they were hers! So when I was away, she
was extra alert.

I’d go out into the kingdom and observe the people and their lives.

I found that I could help the ill by making things right within their body. It was a slow occurrence but over time with my
successes, it became quicker and quicker. It really became easy.

I observed the people at the bars drinking and found that I could make them sober. That didn’t seem to work well as
then they would just drink more.

One night, I found a local citizen passed out behind the bar. He’d been drinking but there was more wrong with him.

I pervaded his body and found chemicals that I didn’t recognize in his blood. I set to neutralizing the chemicals. He
started to come to and was shocked to find himself outside the building.

I thought this was interesting so I followed him.

He went home and realized that he been drugged and was wondering why he was still alive.

For him it was a mystery. For me, it gave a new view on life. Some people would harm others and were cowards about
how they did it.

Time passed. My nightly trips outside my body continued. I was learning and really starting to investigate things.

I was nine when I noticed that there were drugs in my own body. There were huge amounts and the drugs messed with
my ability to control the body.

I started neutralizing the drugs and begin to wonder why I was being drugged and by who.

So with the drugs neutralized, I started working and controlling the body more and more.

I kept this secret but the increased skills were observable to anyone looking without a huge effort on my part so I let it
be known I was becoming “normal”.

One night, I gave the Nanny the same thought to watch my body but I kept the body awake while pretended to sleep so
I could see who was drugging my body.

About midnight, the Nanny got up to relieve herself and walked out and down the hall.

The bathroom was around the corner of the corridor.

Old Stella was not gone more than half a minute and in walked John, the Court Psych.

I was surprised but kept up my pretense of being asleep. While I lay there “sleeping”, John inserted a small pill into my

I could feel the rush of the poison. It was a drug and all drugs are poisons! Control of my body faded. Body perceptions
of the room shut down.

I was still alert but the body was out.

I immediately started to neutralize the drug. It worked pretty rapidly as it was the same one he been giving me.

I needed to find out why John felt he should drug me every night!

Every night, this same scene was played out again and again. I got faster and faster at neutralizing the drug.  

My body was really growing and my physical control could no longer be denied or pretended away. I was coming out of
it physically and becoming “normal!”

I hid my ability to leave my body and other things which I observed most people couldn’t do. And I watched to see if
they could do it and were hiding it. Nope. Seems they just didn’t know how to do this.

It was the winter solstice. I knew the King and Queen, mom and dad, were ill. I had handled the drugs they were being
given but their bodies were damaged and they were dying.

That night, John came in and first he gave me the pill and while it started to work and I started to handle it, I heard him
mutter, “So you’re starting to overcome the pill, try this!” and I felt a pain in my arm. He’s given me another drug by

This new drug was very powerful! The body was out despite all I could do. I had no control over it.

I worked and worked on this new drug. After many hours, I discovered it was really a cocktail of drugs.

Even after I handled the drugs the body was still in bad condition. The drugs had upset the system and that would
require repair.

I let the body sleep.

The body was not normal when I woke it the next day. John stopped in to check on me. I could see the gleam in his eye
as he saw my poor condition. He was pleased with my problems.

That night he was back but only with the pill.

I handled that with ease.

After that, once a week, he would give the injection. Each time it was horrible but I felt myself
looking forward to it. How

None the less, I continued to work on handling the effects of the drugs.

This went on for some years. After a while, he stopped the nightly pills and only came by for
the injection.

I was hooked on the drugs! And I knew this was not good as it gave John a huge advantage
over me.

He had started to talk to me after giving the injection and talked about not remembering and doing as he commanded.
He went on and on.

His words seemed to have force as I felt the urge to do what he said.

But I remained conscious and insisted to myself I would remember and not do his bidding.

I continued to work on handling the drugs. I got pretty fast but still the urge to have the injection remained.

I was 16 when I made a break through. I realized the urge to have the drugs was not me! It was the body pressing
urges on me. The urge to corporate with John came from the body, not me.

I decided to put a little distance between me and the body to see if I could weaken the effects of the urges on me.

It worked but only after the drugs were neutralized. While the drugs were strong, I found I couldn’t get out of the body. I
was trapped.

So I worked on speeding up the handling of the drugs. I got it to almost instantaneously being handled.

While I was perfecting my ability to handle the drugs, I also increased my adventures outside the body.

I helped more and more people.

I finally started to track John and his comings and goings. I noticed he often spend time with Borus and Eseralda, my
uncle and aunt. I had never liked them, sensing they didn’t like me.

It didn’t take long to figure out from their conversation that the three of them planned to rule with me drugged, and
under their control.

I was determined not to let this happen and begin to work on my own plan. “How to control them?”

I was 17 when my mother’s body ceased to work. I was outside my body and actually communicated to her for the first
time about my ability. She was fine but worried about me.

I told her not to worry. I also told her about John, Borus and Eseralda’s plan of drugging me and keeping me under
control. I told her it was not working.

The King died the next day. I believe it was from a broken heart. I communicated with him too.

They weren’t worried and were starting new lives. I decided I would look after their new families.

The Coronation was to be the following week on Monday. John always drugged my body on Monday night.

Monday came and I was in the throne room and Borus and  Eseralda were there looking pleased with themselves even
though I was about to be crowned King.

Then John came in. He walked up to me with one hand behind his body. I knew he had the needle loaded with drugs.

He started droning about how I was to cooperate and he was going to give me a shot to help me. All three of them had
very evils smiles on their faces. They were truly evil and scarey!

By now, I knew how to instantaneously neutralize the drug and I was outside the body so his words and the body’s
urges had no effect on me.

As he approached for just a moment I experienced fear. It was from the body and I shouted “No, not the drugs!” I really
didn’t have to do that but it served to divert their attention to my “shock” and not to my actions.  I regained my confront
and as he injected the drugs I instantaneously neutralized it. Then I recreated the same drugs in each of their bodies.

The evil in their eyes changed to shock as the drugs hit their systems.

Their twisted smiles sagged into a hypnotic unconsciousness.

I told them that no longer would they drug anyone. I told them that they were feeling ill and needed to be away from the
castle in the fresh air.

I told them that the very thought of me made them ill and that in their stomachs they would feel overwhelming anxiety
and weakness. I told them that they would have no control over their body and would immediately soil themselves over
and over if they thought about approaching me or the castle.

I told them to forget this whole meeting.

I guess I should have felt a bit guilty but I didn’t. I simply used their plan to rid the Court of them without killing them or
creating embarrassment for the family or the Crown.

The Coronation was a complete success and the Empire was headed for Golden Years as I would rule with the
greatest good always in mind.

I was also going to train more people to operate outside their bodies. This was done.

I was going to teach them how to neutralize the effects of drugs and how to avoid being given hypnotic suggestions.
They would to help keep control of the evils in the world and to allow our people to rise to new heights of survival
without war, drugs or crime. This was done!

Reginald contacted me telephatically to give me more data.

The Empire
has flourished for the last 2000 years and is still going strong. Reginald continues to rule and changes bodies every couple hundred years.

His techniques of drug nullification, anti-hypnotic control, and operating outside one’s body are now taught in schools to everyone.

Currently, Emperor Reginald (he changed
his title) is researching space flight and wants to spread peace to other worlds.

I hope he lands on Earth first.

PS. One interesting bit of data Reginald passed on from the Court Social Coordinator about the time period after he was crowned. Borus and Eseralda were always invited to
all the Court social and business events. Every time they were invited to the castle to
be with Emperor Reginald at the Castle, Borus and Eseralda reported they couldn’t make
it due to severe diarrhea. The Court
Physician was sent out to verify it and apparently they simply got ill every time an invitation was sent to them! This continued until their
deaths in the late 1300s.

Reginald laughed and said their presence was not missed.

The End

© October 2008, Carl Watts
Page 10/8/08, modified 11/19/08,
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